All About the Cast of “The Oval” (2023)

While Tyler Perry’s primetime soap opera drama “The Oval” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are many viewers who find its unbelievable storyline addictive to watch.

Three seasons in and “The Oval” is the No. 2 series airing on cable with an African American cast, according to Nielsen ratings. The No. 1 spot is currently held by Tyler Perry’s “Sistas,” which BET recently renewed for a fifth season.

Read on for all the latest about “The Oval,” including details about the show’s cast, creator, and upcoming new season.

Main Cast and Characters of “The Oval”

A picture-perfect interracial first couple and their two children are the newest residents of the White House, but nothing is as it seems once they’re behind closed doors in Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” The show dives into the lives of those serving and surrounding the first family as they navigate their way through the lies, corruption, and scandals of the Franklins.

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Let’s meet all the characters and the talented actors and actresses who play them.

Get To Know The Cast Of Tyler Perry's "The Oval"

(Video) Get To Know The Cast Of Tyler Perry's "The Oval"

The First Family, The Franklins

  • Kron Moore as Victoria Franklin: Moore plays the matriarch of the Franklin family in “The Oval” as the First Lady and wife of President Hunter Franklin.
  • Ed Quinn as Hunter Franklin: Quinn is Hunter Franklin, the newly-elected President of the United States and husband of Victoria.
  • Paige Hurd as Gayle Franklin: Hurd is a major character in season one as she plays the beautiful but spoiled and rebellious first daughter, Gayle. She appears as a guest character in season two.
  • Daniel Croix Henderson as Jason Franklin: Henderson plays Jason, the troubled first son of the Franklin family.

The Butler’s Family, The Hallsens

  • Javon Johnson as Richard Hallsen: Johnson is the first family’s chief butler who has worked in the White House for quite some time.
  • Ptosha Storey as Nancy Hallsen: Storey fulfills the role of the butler’s loving wife.
  • Vaughn W. Hebron as Barry Hallsen: Hebron plays the butler’s son and is the boyfriend of Sharon (Teesha Renee), who works at a pharmacy.

White House and Secret Service Staff

  • Lodric Collins as Donald Winthrop: Donald is a smart and demanding character. He’s also quite a manipulative White House Chief of Staff and the husband of Lilly Winthrop.
  • Ciera Payton as Lilly Winthrop: Payon plays a fashion designer and the wife of the Chief of Staff.
  • Taja V. Simpson as Priscilla Owens: Priscilla is the wife of Agent Sam Owen. She is the residence staff supervisor in the White House.
  • Walter Fauntleroy as Sam Owens: Sam is the husband of Priscilla and a loyal Secret Service agent to President Franklin.
  • Brad Benedict as Kyle Flint: Flint is an ex-marine who serves loyally as a Secret Service agent in the White House.
  • Bill Barrett as Max Carter: Barrett played a recurring role as Secret Service agent Max Carter during season one. He was a main character in seasons two and three.
  • Nick Barrotta as Allan: Barrotta was a recurring character in seasons one and two as the assistant to the White House Chief of Staff, Donald Winthrop. He became a series regular in season three. Allan is also the ex-boyfriend of Ellie Lyles, another recurring character played by Natasha Ward.

The Second Family

  • Russell Thomas as Eli: The charming and handsome Eli makes his debut as Vice President of the United States in season three. His main goal is to overthrow President Franklin.
  • Kaye Singleton as Simone: Singleton is Simone, the Second Lady and supportive wife of Eli, in season three. If something’s happening, she usually knows about it. She is on board with her husband to dethrone the First Family.

Other Main Characters

  • Matthew Law as Kareem Richardson: Kareem is a hard-working young man in Washington, D.C. He owns a local pharmacy and works alongside his father while pining for coworker Sharon.
  • Teesha Renee as Sharon: Sharon is Barry Hallsen’s girlfriend when we first meet her. She works at a local pharmacy and is attracted to its owner Kareem Richardson.
  • Travis Cure as Bobby: Bobby meets Lilly Winthrop, the White House Chief of Staff’s wife, on an airplane, and they form a life-changing connection.
  • Derek A. Dixon as Dale: Dale came onto the scene as a pharmacy worker in season two.

Recurring and Guest Cast and Characters on “The Oval”

We’ve already mentioned a few recurring characters since they’ve turned into main characters by season three. These are the rest of the recurring cast members, plus some guest characters, who have appeared on “The Oval.”

  • Ashley Monique Harper as Jean Peterson, the First Family’s young maid.
  • Natasha Ward as Ellie Lyles, the girlfriend/ex-girlfriend of Allan, the assistant to the Chief of Staff.
  • Janee Michelle as Maude, the mother of First Lady Victoria Franklin.
  • Russell Charles Pitts as Picky, a love interest of first daughter Gayle Franklin.
  • Maurii Davenport as Lindsay Yuma, a Secret Service agent.
  • Yvonne Senat Jones as Tally, an escaped cult member.
  • Gillian White as Diane Wilmont, the U.S. Press Secretary.
  • Donna Feldman as Dr. Meadows, a renowned psychologist.
  • Melissa L. Williams as Ruth Truesdale/Denise Truesdale, twin sisters.

Williams’s role of Ruth Truesdale from “The Oval” carried over into the spinoff show “Ruthless” in 2020.

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About “The Oval” Creator Tyler Perry

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tyler Perry didn’t have an easy start in life, but he worked hard to follow his dreams. He began his career in entertainment as a playwright. He felt inspired to begin writing after watching an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Perry thought writing might be a therapeutic way to work through his troubles with depression brought on by the trauma of his childhood. His first play was a flop, but his subsequent works went on to build a large base of theatergoers – first in Atlanta and then around the country on the urban city circuit.

As the success of his stage productions grew, Perry invested his earnings into the film industry. His first movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” wasn’t well-received by critics but grossed $50.6 million – and as they say, the rest is history. Tyler Perry is now known as a man of many talents as he’s found fame and fortune as a writer, director, producer, and actor. He has a unique style of his own that not everyone appreciates, but he still manages to find success among millions of viewers.

Tyler Perry is the creator of the hit political drama “The Oval” and its spin-off show, “Ruthless.” He’s also the sole executive producer, writer, and director for both TV series in addition to his other popular BET show, “Sistas.” Perry’s TV series are usually filmed at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on the historic grounds of the former Fort McPherson army base.

Perry has been honored with 51 nominations from an array of organizations and has earned 17 awards. His most recent win was at the 2021 Academy Awards, where he received an Oscar for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He was also the winner of the 2020 Governor’s Award at the Primetime Emmy Awards for his “unprecedented achievements in television and his commitment to offering opportunities to marginalized communities through personal and The Perry Foundation programs of inclusion, engagement, employment, and other philanthropic initiatives.”

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Where Can You Watch “The Oval?”

Season one of “The Oval” premiered on BET on October 23, 2019, and includes 25 one-hour episodes. Seasons two and three have 22 episodes each. New episodes of “The Oval” are usually aired by TV providers weekly on the BET channel each season. All three seasons of “The Oval” are also available for streaming anytime on Amazon Prime Video, BET+, fubo, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

Will There Be a Season 4 of “The Oval?”

You’re in luck if you’re a fan of Perry’s melodramatic political series. BET renewed “The Oval” for a fourth season in March 2022 close to the finale of season three, “Road Kill.” Season four filming is likely to take place in spring 2022 at Tyler Perry Studios. Its expected air date is sometime in October 2022.

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Tyler Perry’s primetime political drama “The Oval” has a large cast of characters and many stories to follow. We’re sure you’ll see some new and returning characters this upcoming fall when season four is released. It’s expected to have about 22 one-hour-long episodes to enjoy just like the past couple of seasons. We hope you’ve enjoyed this closer look at the cast who works so hard to bring “The Oval” to the small screen.

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Who are the main characters on The Oval? ›

The Oval

What is the story behind The Oval? ›

The Oval is a new dramatic television series that captures the volatile relationship between the President, First lady, and First children as they navigate their new life in the White House. Hunter and Victoria Franklin have risen to the highest office in the United States as the President and First Lady of America.

Who plays the president's girlfriend in The Oval? ›

Melissa L. Williams is an American actress and model, known for playing Denise and Ruth Truesdale in the BET prime time soap opera The Oval and its spinoff Ruthless.

Who plays Ellie's boyfriend on The Oval? ›

Nick Barrotta as Allan: Barrotta was a recurring character in seasons one and two as the assistant to the White House Chief of Staff, Donald Winthrop. He became a series regular in season three. Allan is also the ex-boyfriend of Ellie Lyles, another recurring character played by Natasha Ward.

Who got Nancy pregnant in The Oval? ›

Read on for a breakdown of the other major developments from The Oval's midseason finale: * After what felt like a million years of waiting — and just as many full plates of food being thrown around the house — Nancy finally revealed that Picky's father… the man with whom she cheated on Richard… was… Richard's father.

Who is the villain in The Oval? ›

Jason Franklin (born 2001) is an antagonist and villain on Tyler Perry's The Oval. The character is played by actor Daniel Croix Henderson.

Who was the father of Nancy's child on The Oval? ›

“Not that I know of… or can share,” the nurse replied, which wasn't sketchy at all. * After what felt like a million years of waiting — and just as many full plates of food being thrown around the house — Nancy finally revealed that Picky's father… the man with whom she cheated on Richard… was… Richard's father.

Is the wife on The Oval a man? ›

Kron Moore (pronounced Kay-Ren) is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as First Lady Victoria Franklin in the BET prime time soap opera The Oval and Bridget Chapel in Stargirl.
TitleDavid Makes Man
NotesEpisode: "Some I Love Who Are Dead"
9 more columns

Where was The Oval filmed at? ›

It really hooked my imagination right into The Oval.” The studio lot is located on the former Fort McPherson Confederate army base.

Is Ruth and Denise the twins on The Oval? ›

The Oval is a lot of fun and I get to play Denise and Ruth, who are two twins sisters who are very different. One is in a cult and the other is seducing the president on a regular basis. Two totally different characters who are passionate in different ways and alike in some ways.

What is Priscilla's real name on The Oval? ›

Taja V. Simpson is an American actress, known for her role as Priscilla Owens in the BET prime time soap opera, The Oval.

What happen to Elle on The Oval? ›

Alonzo seemed real scared people, just as he spilled to Priscilla that Allan's girlfriend, Ellie was not killed by a stray bullet, but that she was murdered by The First Lady.

Who is Barry's girlfriend on The Oval? ›

In 2019, Teesha Renee received her first break out role as a Series Regular on Tyler Perry's hit TV drama The Oval on BET. Teesha plays the role of Sharon, the girlfriend of Barry Hallsen that works at a local pharmacy.

Who is the president's daughter on The Oval? ›

Gayle Franklin(born 2003) is an antagonist and villain on Tyler Perry's The Oval. The character is played by actress Paige Hurd.

Who plays Victoria's father on The Oval? ›

Bill Duke is a perfect choice as the father of Victoria . Disappointed that Tyler Perry killed off the mother for she was a perfect antagonist for Victoria keeping her in check whenever she appeared last season! Whatever happens Hunter wont give a s**t.

Who is the real father of picky in The Oval? ›

Oh, Lawd! Picky's father is Richard's daddy. Let the prayer circle unite for the Hallsen family!

Did Sam sleep with Victoria on The Oval? ›

Priscilla received a call from Jason who informed her that Sam slept with Victoria. It left Priscilla nervous, so she turned the tables on him about the whereabouts on Jean, before he played audio of Sam and Victoria, which left Priscilla in tears.

Does Ruth have a twin sister in The Oval? ›

In The Oval, Ruth has a twin sister named Denise.

Who is the hero of The Oval? ›

COMMENT: Remembering Fazal Mahmood — The Oval hero.

Is Jason alive on The Oval? ›

Meanwhile, the First Lady now knows that Jason is alive, making her increasingly cautious around Donald; but Sam and David are in even more trouble.

Who is Victoria from The Oval mother? ›

Victoria Franklin is secondary antagonist on Tyler Perry's The Oval. She is the First Lady of the United States, the wife of Hunter Franklin (The President of the United States), and is the mother of Gayle and Jason Franklin (The First children of the United States). The character is played by actress Kron Moore.

Who is Maude on The Oval? ›

The Oval (TV Series 2019– ) - Janee Michelle as Maude - IMDb.

Who is Richard brother on The Oval? ›

Javon Johnson: Richard Hallsen.

How old is the son in The Oval? ›

Daniel's role as 18-year-old Jason has been rewarding. He plays a troubled young man, who is trying to navigate his way through his family's secret life of lies, corruption, and infidelity which threatens to destroy all their lives.


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