All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (2023)

By Cooper Hood

All American season 3 ended with some big cliffhangers that set up season 4. Here's what happened with Spencer James and the other characters.

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (1)
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All American season 3 ends with some massive cliffhangers; here's what happened in the finale andhow it sets upAll American season 4. The third season ofAll American juggled multiple storylines across its nineteen episodes, but everything was building towards a potential showdown between South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills or the state championship. The CW's popular football drama based on Spencer Paysinger's pre-NFL football life took some surprising turns inits season 3 finale though.

Picking up after the events ofAll American season 2, the third season began once summer break ended and revealed how the summer changed a lot between the main characters. Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) remained at the forefront of the show, as he battled regaining strength in his arm and repairing relationships he broke along the way.All American season 3 also included storylines about Olivia Baker's (Samantha Logan) struggle with alcohol and the complicated relationship between Jordan Baker (Michael Evans Behling) and Simone Hicks (Geffri Maya). Of course, it wouldn't be a football TV show if the on-field performance of South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills didn't impact the characters, especially with both teams having hopes to win the state championship.

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The multiple storylinesAll American season 3 juggled led to a fairly busy finale that set up exactly where the show is going to go in season 4. This includes some significant reveals about the show's main characters, drastically different relationship dynamics, and a few giant cliffhangers.

Coop and Mo Are Shot - Did They Die?

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (2)

The final shot ofAll American season 3 focuses on the fallout of an encounter between Coop (Bre-Z) and Mo (Erica Peeples), which might've killed one or both of them.All American season 2 ended with the tease of Mo coming to Crenshaw to get revenge on Coop forher role in Tyrone's death. Mo took a slow approach to exact her revenge and got Coop to momentarily put her guard down. This allowed her to plot a plan for drugs to be planted on Coop's tour bus and have cops ready to bust her. While Mo expected Coop to be arrested,Coop figured out the plan and surprised Mo at her house.This led to Mo shooting Coop, but Preach (Kareem J. Grimes) arrived at the same time and shot Mo.

All American season 3's ending doesn't confirm if either Coop or Mo survived this moment, but it doesn't look good for either of them. Mo is left unattended following her gunshot wound to the chest, and the fact that 911 hasn't been called is not a good sign that she'll survive. Meanwhile, Preach rushes to Coop to try and slow down the bleeding, but she also has a gunshot wound in her chest. The safe bet is that Coop will survive considering her importance toAll American's story, while Mo's villain plot could already be over.

South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills' State Championship Doesn't Happen (Yet)

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (3)

The entirety ofAll Americanseason 3 was leading to the potential of South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills facing off in the state championship. Both teams had their highs and lows throughout the season, but viewers expected to see the schools get their rematch in the finale. However,All American season 3's ending sets up this game to be played in season 4 after an altercation between the teams nearly leads to its cancelation. Crenshaw and Beverly's players broke out into a fight outside the stadium due to some incredibly high tempers. Players on both teams were made because Spencer secretly was helping Jordan train, while Jordan was still jealous of JJ (Hunter Clowdus) keeping the starting quarterback spot. The brawl left star players on both teams bloody and bruised, but coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) and coach Montes (Alexandra Barreto) lied to the refs to make sure the game still happens. SinceAll American season 3's finale ends right when both teams are running onto the field, the game itself will have to wait until season 4.

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Spencer James and Jordan BakerBecome All-Americans

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (4)

There was also some good news for Spencer and Jordan inAll American's season 3 finale. Billy reveals to Spencer early on in the episode that he's been selected to the All-American team for his outstanding season. This moment finally pays off the show's title by making Spencer James a high school All-American athlete. While this originally makes Jordan jealous of Spencer and angry about the head injury that forced him to miss a good part of the season, he also receives some good news by the end. Jordan is also selected to the All-American team, but as a reserve, and only now finds out due to some mailing mishaps. Now, the All-American game is likely to be featured inAll American season 4.

DeSean Jackson's All-American Cameo Explained

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (5)

One of the surprises ofAll American's season 3 ending was its cameo by NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson. He plays himself in the finale and goes to Crenshaw to attend Spencer's party for being named an All-American. Billy reveals that DeSean has been monitoring Spencer's year.DeSean doesn't have a professional relationship with Spencer Paysinger in real life, but the explanation for him appearing in the All Americanfinale is due to his connection to Crenshaw. Jackson grew up in the neighborhood in real life and attendedLong Beach Polytechnic High School, where he became a star football, track, and baseball player. As one of Crenshaw's best home-grown athletes, his cameo inAll American season 3 highlights his importance to the neighborhood and further combines the show withreality.

What IsCarrie Planning To Do To Layla?

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (6)
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Another cliffhangerAll American season 3 leaves viewers on is what will happen next to Layla (Greta Onieogou). The back half of the season hasincluded the return of Carrie (Anna Lore), a girl Layla previously befriended while in rehab. Carrie has been living with Layla for a while, but Layla upsets her when she reveals she called Carrie's parents. While Layla is just trying to help Carrie and her family, Carrie feels betrayed by these actions. She eventually agrees to visit her parents with Layla before they go on a trip, butAll American season 3's ending revealed she might have something else planned. Carrie left a note for Layla's father JP Keating (Ray Campbell) that said Layla will never come back, and she threw Layla's phone in the trash to make sure no one could contact her. Carrie has shown clear signs of wanting to keep Layla all to herself, but the reason for this hasn't been revealed.Carrie could be planning to kidnap Layla to make sure she can't abandon her, or there is a chance Carrie is planning tohurt herself and take Layla's life with her.

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (7)

TheAll American season 3 finale was a rollercoaster ride for Asher Adams (Cody Christian). It began with him getting a full-ride scholarship to play football for Coastal California. However, his dreams of continuing to play football on the collegiate level appear to be over. Right before Beverly Hills ran onto the field to play the state championship, Asher's dad appeared in the locker room with tears in eyes and told his son he couldn't play. This was because recent X-rays revealed that Asher has a rare heart condition called cardiomyopathy. The X-rays were done after Asher took a huge hit in the middle of the field during a full-contact practice two days before the championship. While they confirmed his bruised ribs were fine, Asher's heart disease took further examination to be revealed. It's a heartbreaking ending for Asher's story in season 3 after he worked his way back from the steroid controversy in season 2 and switched to defense.

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Who Will Win The State Championship Game In Season 4?

All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained (8)
(Video) "Surviving the Times" All American Season 3 Episode 19 Review & Recap

Based on everything that transpired over the course ofAll American season 3 and its finale, the state championship game between South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills will be quite different than imagined. As viewers now have to wait until season 4 to see who will come out on top, it's easy to look ahead and speculate about who will win the game - and the edge should be in Crenshaw's favor. Before exploring the x's and o's of their teams, Crenshaw has the bonus of having the show's main character on its roster. Spencer already led Beverly Hills to a state title and doing it with South Crenshaw would fulfill his promise. Meanwhile, Crenshaw likely has the upper hand with Spencer learning Beverly's entire playbook while training Jordan, while Billy also knows Jordan's tendencies and weaknesses better than anyone. The new plays designed by Asher could be a point in Beverly's favor, but his absence on the defensive side of the ball will be massive. So,All American has established narrative and on-the-field reasons why Crenshaw should win the state championship when season 4 begins.

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All American Season 3 Ending & Cliffhangers Explained? ›

After being assured that her suspicions were misguided, Coop confronted Mo when she discovered Mo attempted to frame her by planting drugs in her tour bus. The encounter ended with Preach (J. Kareem Grimes) shooting Mo dead, but an errant bullet hit Coop, leaving her bleeding out in Preach's arms.

What was the ending of All American? ›

Initially, everyone is okay aside from a few scraps, but when Billy goes back into the bus (which is literally hanging off a cliff's edge) to save his student Jabari Long (Simeon Daise), he ends up dying. How exactly Billy dies and whether or not Jabari lives remains to be seen.

Is Taye Diggs leaving All American? ›

Sad news, "All American" fans: the hit CW series has officially retired Taye Diggs's Billy Baker. In a shocking turn of events during the show's Feb. 13 episode, the actor's character was killed off, ending his impressive five-season run.

Did South Crenshaw win state? ›

Down south, the Cougars won their first-ever State title with a dramatic 46-43 win over Placer in the Division 4-AA bowl game. Pure pandemonium ensued on Crenshaw's home field.

Is Billy Baker leaving All American? ›

Billy Baker died at the end of “All American's” Feb. 13 episode; while on their way from the Crenshaw combine, the team's bus crashes. Billy initially got off the bus, thinking all the students safely exited the vehicle.

What mental illness does Layla have in All American? ›

On season 2 we dive into Layla's depression and see how it affected not only her relationships with her father, friends and school, but also how it affected her. Eventually, she admits that she's not okay and that she needs help, starting her recovery and her healing journey.

What mental illness does Layla from All American have? ›

What is this? As Seasons 2 and 3 progress, All American never paints Layla's depression as something she went through, but instead as a part of who she is. It is a constant factor in every decision she makes, shaping her relationships, future, and everyday way of life.

Why did they replace Layla dad on All American? ›

All American films in California naturally, but Elvis Nolaso is a New York native and wasn't able to head out west when necessary. As a result, the show had no other choice but to recast Layla's father. With Nolasco unable to return for season 3, All American cast Ray Campbell to play Layla's father.

Why did Dillon leave All American? ›

It turns out Darnell's exit in All American was due to actor Da'Vinchi's real life career. He recently booked a new role on Starz's upcoming show Black Mafia Family. According to ScreenRant, the show was filming at the same time as season 3 of All American, hence the actor's quick exit from the show.

Is there going to be a 5th season of All American? ›

All American Season 5 will arrive on Netflix sometime in May or June 2023, but a specific release date has yet to be announced. While the first four seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix, Season 5 is still airing on The CW, with Episode 12 due to be released on February 20.

Who grave was Spencer at in All American? ›

It was his first victory without his father and Coach Baker understands, telling him he is in for a "year of firsts." After that conversation, Spencer goes to his father's grave, where Darnell (Da'Vinchi) shows up and tells him that this might be goodbye for a while.

Did Crenshaw win State in Season 4? ›

With South Crenshaw High saved and the State Championship behind him, Spencer has his eyes set on the All American game and his future with the NFL which starts with Toledo State.

Who took Billy's resignation letter? ›

We know Olivia isn't above manipulation if she believes it's for a good reason. She was the one who took Billy's resignation letter off his desk and requested he get more vacation time.

Why was Taye Diggs written out of All American? ›

“The easiest choice would have been for me to teach at some college, but then given the intensity of the relationships between me and my family, and me and the team, it would not make sense if I was still alive and wasn't still in contact with these children of mine — these students, these young men that had such an ...

What is Billy Baker's secret in All American? ›

However everything came crashing down in Best Kept Secret when Billy told Laura that he had an affair with Grace. She was heartbroken and pretty much wanted nothing to do with Billy.

Is Layla still in All American? ›

The third season of All American ended on a huge cliffhanger that saw Coop (played by Bre-Z), Layla (Greta Onieogou), and Carrie's (Anna Lore) lives put on the line.

Who killed Layla's dad? ›

Marc awoke in front of a statue of Khonshu, fully healed and having some innate knowledge of what Khonshu represented. He dressed in a white cloak, tracked down Bushman, and kicked his ass. All the while, Marlene finally understood that Bushman was the one behind her father's murder.

Do Jordan and Layla date in Season 4? ›

But, as it became more apparent throughout the fourth season that Jordan and Layla's relationship was taking a more romantic turn, fans split their reactions from excited and supportive to neutral or had strong feelings against it.

What disorder does Carrie have in All American? ›

Homeland's Carrie Mathison has bipolar disorder.

Do Jordan and Simone break up? ›

The emotional entanglement she has with Damon back at school is what she sees in Layla and Jordan, even if Jordan doesn't. At the end of the episode, Simone breaks up with Jordan in a letter after an emotional conversation where the young couple is very honest about how they've grown apart.

Who does Layla end up with in Season 4? ›

However, the season 4 finale still manages to push their story forward by its conclusion. Layla finally confesses reciprocating feelings for Jordan after the Homecoming game leading to their first kiss.

What genetic disorder does Asher have in All American? ›

In All American season 3, episode 19, "Surviving the Times," Asher's father, Harold (Casper Van Dien), explains the frightening news that Asher suffers from cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that means he has to stop playing football.

Is JP Keating a real person? ›

Paul John Keating (born 18 January 1944) is an Australian former politician and trade unionist who served as the 24th prime minister of Australia, from 1991 to 1996, holding office as the leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

What happened to Layla at the end of All American? ›

Layla will have to survive Carrie's machinations

Layla finally convinced Carrie to go see her mother, only for Layla's father to come home to find Layla's phone in the trash and a suicide note from Carrie on the counter. Layla's isolation from the rest of the group was a big issue that many others have overlooked.

Why did Asher's mom leave him in All American? ›

Cody Christian as Asher Adams, wide receiver for Beverly High and the ex-boyfriend of Layla and Olivia. His father lost all of their family's money, which resulted in Asher's mother leaving. Asher and his father rent a guest house from another family that is always out of the country.

What is the big secret in All American? ›

We finally know the reason Cory left. Years ago, when he was still married to Grace, she had an affair with Billy. It's a pretty heavy revelation, one I'm sure was difficult for Grace to admit to Spencer. We don't get to see his reaction to his mother telling him.

Is Dillon Billy or Corey's son in All American? ›

Corey James was a recurring character in the first season and second season of All American. He is the biological father of Spencer James and ex-husband of Grace James. It is now known he is the biological father of Dillon James.

Is Dillon Billy or Corey's son? ›

Relatives. Dillon James (Jalyn Hall) is a Main-Character in "All American". Dillon is the son of Grace James and the late Corey James; as well as the brother of Spencer James.

Is All American coming back in 2023? ›

It turns out that your favorite show All American is in the midst of being delayed for two weeks, starting back on April 3, 2023.

Is All American season 6 out? ›

Regardless, you will be happy to know that All American Season 6 is not canceled. In fact, you can expect it to be released by October 2023 (at the very least) on the CW Network. Moreover, you can also stream it on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix.

Who is in season 5 of All American? ›

Season 5 finds Spencer in his second semester of college trying to help rebuild the school's football program after their head coach is exposed for purposefully injuring opposing players. The series also stars Bre-Z, Monet Mazur, Samantha Logan, Cody Christian, Hunter Clowdus, Michael Evans Behling, and Greta Onieogou.

Is Spencer's dad Billy? ›

Though the high schooler has come to view Coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) as a second father, the Beverly Hills High employee is not related to the athlete, despite the revelation that he had a one-night stand with Spencer's mom, Grace (Karimah Westbrook) — who also happens to be his former teenage sweetheart.

Who was Spencer talking to at the grave in Season 4? ›

Spencer goes back to the cemetery to talk to his father and signs the scholarship papers.

Who is Spencer father? ›

Peter Hastings is the wealthy father of Spencer Hastings, Melissa Hastings, and Jason DiLaurentis.

Who won Crenshaw or Eagles? ›

King/Drew's Donald Thompson talks about his 22-point game for the Golden Eagles in a win over Crenshaw to clinch the Coliseum League title on Friday.

What happens in season 5 of All American? ›

After weeks of research, Olivia and Billy think they may have a breakthrough on their investigation. Layla decides to take matters into her own hands to get her dad's company back. Meanwhile, Coop feels replaced when Laura makes a change in the office, which makes Coop think about her future.

Do Spencer and Olivia sleep together in Season 4? ›

Grace and Carter go out for a solo date while Billy and Laura invite Denise to come to dinner with them. Spencer and Olivia finally have sex.

Why did Billy leave All American? ›

“The easiest choice would have been for me to teach at some college,” Diggs explained, “but then given the intensity of the relationships between me and my family, and me and the team, it would not make sense if I was still alive and wasn't still in contact with these children of mine — these students, these young men ...

Did Billy Baker and Laura get back together? ›

Billy and Laura are officially back together.

What happened to Coach Baker in All American? ›

This week's episode of the CW's All-American brought on the tears as the cast honored the late coach Billy Baker – played by Taye Diggs – after he gave his life to save a player in a bus crash. The character's death came as a shock to fans in last week's episode.

Who was Jordan Baker based off of in All American? ›

She also was the literary model for the character of Jordan Baker in F.
Edith Cummings
Alma materWestover School
OccupationAmateur golfer
Known forWon U.S. Women's Amateur (1923) Won Women's Western Amateur (1924)
4 more rows

Who is Billy Baker based off of? ›

The television show follows the life and high school football journey of Spencer James, played by Daniel Ezra, and also stars actor Taye Diggs as football coach Billy Baker. What fans of the show may not know, however, is that "All American" is based on a true story about former football player Spencer Paysinger.

Who is the real player behind All American? ›

Spencer Paysinger (born June 28, 1988) is a former American football linebacker. He was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent in 2011. He played until 2017, and in 2018 became a co-producer and actor on the television series All American, based on the story of his life. Crenshaw, Los Angeles, U.S.

Who is the father of Simons baby in All American? ›

Dane Kohler (Adain Bradley) is a Character in "All American". <Dane> is a student at Westlake; a player for the Wildcats -- #22. <He> is also the father of he and Simone Hicks' unborn child.

What is Olivia's secret in All American? ›

Also, Olivia secretly meets with Asher in his car and they reveal that they slept together a while back when Olivia was on drugs. This is what ended her friendship with Layla.

Who is Coop based on in real life? ›

The character of Coop was originally based on Spencer's real-life best friend from South Central LA, but got gender-swapped for the show and re-written as a lesbian.

What happened to preach in All American? ›

Preach is finally arrested for Monique's murder, and is forced to tell his daughter, Amina, the truth. Laura comes to the rescue but, unfortunately, Preach's legal problems cast a dark cloud over Billy's chances of landing the permanent principal job.

Are Jordan and Simone still together Season 4? ›

Simone and Jordan have officially broken up, so why is Simone so stubborn about rekindling her friendship with Damon? Long-distance relationships are complicated, especially with your high school sweetheart. During All American Season 4 Episode 18, the high school sweethearts broke up after realizing they had grown up.

Is All American Cancelled after season 4? ›

Fans of All American can rest easy: The football drama has secured a Season 6 renewal at The CW, to air during the 2023-24 broadcast season.

Is All American ending after season 5? ›

All American will be back for season 6.

In the press release, the network shared that the last season was the company's top linear series, as well as the most-watched on digital and other platforms. That's why The CW saw it fit to bring the show back. Season 6 will be a part of the 2023-2024 broadcast season.

What happens to Preach at the end of season 4 All American? ›

Preach is finally arrested for Monique's murder, and is forced to tell his daughter, Amina, the truth.

What happened to All American season 5? ›

Season 5 of All American is almost done, but Netflix has announced when the episodes are coming to the streamer! The fifth season of the CW football drama will be dropping on Netflix on Tuesday, May 23, just eight days after the season finale.

Is All American Season 5 out? ›

All American Season 5 will arrive on Netflix sometime in May or June 2023, but a specific release date has yet to be announced. While the first four seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix, Season 5 is still airing on The CW, with Episode 12 due to be released on February 20.

Is the 5th season of All American the last season? ›

On March 22, 2022, The CW renewed the series for a fifth season which premiered on October 10, 2022. On January 11, 2023, The CW renewed the series for a sixth season. As of May 1, 2023, 89 episodes of All American have aired, currently in its fifth season.

Are they coming out with a 5th season of All American? ›

All American season 5 made its premiere on The CW on Oct. 10, 2022 and continued to deliver strong, stable ratings for the in-flux network. Because of its strong performance, passionate following, and veteran status, The CW renewed the series for season 6 in January 2023. The fifth season made headlines for its Feb.

Will Billy Baker be in season 6 of All American? ›

We would expect most of the main players to return as part of the All American season 6 cast. Though we can probably safely assume that Billy Baker won't be coming back, unless in flashback form, since Taye Diggs' character has already met his untimely end.

Who does Jordan Baker end up with All American? ›

All American season 3 reveals Jordan Baker and Simone Hicks got married in Las Vegas, and that adds a huge twist to the story ahead of Simone's spinoff show, All American: Homecoming.

Why did Coop shoot Mo? ›

Instead of fessing up to the police investigating the shooting, Coop claims that she shot and killed Mo. She does so to protect Preach, who would likely face graver consequences because of his already existing conviction.

What happens to Layla All American season 4? ›

At the end of the Season 4 premiere, Layla moved in with the Baker family, with Olivia (Samantha Logan) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) by her side.

What did Corey pass away from in All American? ›

After establishing a solid relationship with his family he leaves unannounced leaving the whole family confused. Later, after being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in Season 2, he passed away at the lodge after finding out he is the true father of Dillon and spending the day with his family.

Will Asher be in season 4 of All American? ›

While All American's season 4 premiere doesn't include Asher, his arc is quickly continued, sharing what he decides to do instead of playing sports in college. This storyline is also especially dramatic because he has just learned he has a full scholarship to play football at Coastal California.


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