Hanna series finale ending explained: Did Hanna take down Utrax? (2023)

Hanna series finale ending explained: Did Hanna take down Utrax? (1)


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Hanna and Marissa focused on taking down Utrax once and for all. Was it a successful mission on the Hanna series finale? Here’s a breakdown of the ending.

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Hanna and Marissa certainly had their work cut out for them. It was clear they couldn’t trust the people they needed to get the job done and uncover the truth about Utrax. It didn’t take long for Carmichael to get found out and turn against Marissa to save himself.

Carmichael didn’t survive, though. In the fifth episode of Season 3, he was killed when Utrax cornered Marissa. Sandy was the one to pull the trigger on that one, which wasn’t all too surprising.

Marissa’s connection to the start of Utrax

If you ever wondered how Marissa had become a major player in Utrax initially, it was all explained during the third season. Her father had trained her into becoming one of these CIA operatives. No, not like the girls who were conditioned into being operatives, but someone who would be able to face anything the world threw at her.

Marissa struggled with some of the trauma that came with that. It was even worse when she found out her father was still running Utrax. He was behind the entire operation, and she needed to find a way to take him down. Would she be able to do it?

It all came to a head in a farmhouse. A man Hanna had saved made it there with his daughter for safety. Naturally, Utrax found him and went after him. That led to all the major players finding their way to this farmhouse.

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Marissa had no choice but to kill her father when operatives had Hanna, Jules (yes, Jules!), and others surrounded.

Jules switched sides in the Hanna series finale

During the second season, we saw Jules as a hardened operative. Things changed during the third season. She couldn’t go through with her mission, deciding that maybe she was a murderer for doing this. Maybe she was on the wrong side.

So, she decided to hide her target and headed to Austria. That led to her finding Hanna and Sandy fighting in the woods. She wanted to keep Sandy alive, but it was clear that Sandy—despite feeling guilty for killing a pregnant woman—was going to go through with the mission. Jules had no choice but to shoot and kill Sandy.

It looks like everyone on Hanna’s side was going to die at first. However, Marissa managed to send an order to not go through with a kill order. Utrax operatives pulled away, allowing everyone to get the medical attention they needed.

That was except Marissa. She was shot in the stomach by her father and she died in the farmhouse of her wounds, admitting that she spent years hating Hanna for everything that had happened.

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Did Hanna find love in the series finale?

Hanna certainly formed a connection with her target. However, it wouldn’t be something she could explore on theHanna series finale. At the very end, she had to leave him behind.

Utrax had been exposed thanks to Terri deciding to blow the whistle on everything. The CIA would hide the intended targets and Terri was able to get away with not being arrested because of her help to take everything down.

We watched as Hanna left, getting ready to get on a plane to Boston where she would start her own life. We’ll just have to believe that she gets to live a normal life now.

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What did you think of theHanna series finale? Did it end the way you expected? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hanna is available to stream in full on Amazon Prime Video.


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