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It s a pity, she is divorced, and whoever marries will be the second marriage leader.These Gossip, like fallen leaves, is blown by the wind, bent a few times, and disappears.At this time, Sun Aiju had already returned home.The house of Ning s family is composed of six large keto diet pills really work how much weight did royal norman lose tile roofed houses, with the yard directly in front, the four rooms in the middle are living rooms, and the two outermost rooms are the kitchen room and the bathroom.Sun Aiju went straight to the second house built with blue bricks, and lifted the cotton curtain, Girl, can you get up Ning Tang sat up from the kang, stretched her long waist, lazily Lazily said, Just got up, Mom, you re back.Sun Aiju was angry and funny, and put the basket on the table, What time is it, can I not come back, but you, the sun is drying your ass how much weight did royal norman lose botanax diet pills You just got up.Except for her, everyone else in the Ning family was present.Ning Tang, you re really accurate at this point.The food came as soon as it was put on the table.A dark skinned woman in floral clothes said, with triangular eyes and high cheekbones.It was none other than Ning Tang s second aunt, who was Ning Tang s father Ning Weiguo s younger brother and Ning Weidang s wife, Zhou Yin.Ning Weidang stooped, and tapped the bowl in front of Zhou Yin with his chopsticks, Don t purefit keto fat burner pills say a few words.The Ning family has a simple population, with a total of eight members.The two brothers of the Ning family, the elder Ning Weiguo and the second Ning Weidang, Ning Weiguo and Sun Aiju gave birth to Ning Tang and Ning Tang s elder brother Ning Jun, Ning Weidang and Zhou Yin gave birth to Ning Xue and Ning Xue s younger brother Ning De.Out.The two blind dates introduced by Ning Jun are also easy to recognize.Both of them are wearing a 74 style military uniform, with a white open front shirt on the upper body and navy blue pants on the lower body.They are straight, even in a crowded train station.That is also unique.Ning Weiguo and Ning how much weight did royal norman lose Weidang walked up to the two of them and coughed, Excuse me, are Comrade Shen Lie and Comrade Su Junyan Shen Lie and Su Junyan looked at each other and said, Yes.Su Junyan held his hand Stretching out in front of Ning Weiguo and Ning Weidang, It s Uncle Ning, right I m Su Junyan, a comrade in arms of Ning Jun.He has how much weight did royal norman lose fair skin, delicate features, and wears glasses.The kind of appearance that the elders like, and he is very polite.The how to take keto vip pills favorability of Ning Weiguo and Ning Weidang for him is rising steadily.Fortunately, these four tickets belonged to the same compartment.When Ning Tang entered the compartment, he saw two long green chairs facing each other, and a small table for eating in the middle.The environment is not bad, and some sitting is better than standing.But at the thought of sitting for seven days, Ning Tang only felt back pain.Shen Lie and Su Junyan put the luggage they had brought on the luggage rack, Ning Tang took out the egg, steamed bun and sweet potato that Sun Aiju had stuffed for her on the way, and the four of them ate it separately.In the evening, all four of them ordered the train meal.The train meal tastes good and the price is affordable.You can buy a boxed lunch with one meat and one vegetarian for 20 cents.We got up early in the morning, and everyone was sleepy at this point.Ning Tang closed her eyes, turning a deaf ear to the gazes of the three children, she lay on the rocking chair without distraction, shaking, only the creaking sound of the rocking chair could be heard in the living room.To be honest, Da Wa didn t quite believe that Ning Tang could really leave them alone.The three children sat at the table like this and waited for a while, until they heard Ning Tang snoring softly, they were dumbfounded.What to do, it seems that what the stepmother said is true Er Niu nudged the eldest baby with her elbow, Brother, that woman seems to be serious, what should we do, are we really obsessed with her The eldest child said in a childlike voice, Brother, zero fat diet pills I m hungry The eldest child was the oldest and the backbone of the three children.Both the second girl and the third child obeyed his orders.Where are the razor clams Ning Tang looked around.Mrs.Luo pointed to the beach under her feet, Here are the razor clams.The eldest son puffed up his face, Sister Luo, you are lying, there are only sand and no razor clams here.Deceptive.She pointed to the holes on the beach that were as thick as an adult s thumb, Here are the razor clams.Er Niu lay on the beach and looked into the holes, Sister Luo, where are the razor clams Er Niu didn t see it. Silly Er Niu, you definitely won t see it just by looking at it like this.Mrs.Luo said, You have to use the salt you brought to catch this razor clam.Catch the razor clam with salt It was also the first time for Ning Tang to listen to it.She couldn t connect salt, razor clams, and holes, so she looked at Mrs.Luo suspiciously.Mrs.Luo didn t explain, she took out the salt she brought, and poured a pinch of salt into a hole on the beach, Look at it.Ning Tang scratched her ears.Just now, the eldest baby s magic sound pierced her ears.She almost suspected that she was deaf.When were you three born The three children looked at each other.Born in 1971, Erniu was born in 1971 When I was half asleep and half awake, Dawa how much weight did royal norman lose s familiar magic voice pierced my ears again, Stepmother Get up and cook Ning Tang opened her eyes, and saw Dawa with her hands on her hips, saying, Look at the stepmother next door., how kind to Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu This point has already been prepared and given to them to eat.The eldest child often went to Su s house to play where can i find keto pills in zambia during this time, and Ning Xue took good care of Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu.The twins Every day my mother is long and my mother is short.The twins are still under Ning Xue s instigation From time to time Tell the big baby, how about my stepmother, how about your stepmother, in short, Ning Xue is good, Ning Tang is not good.

Meat.The eldest keto diet pills really work how much weight did royal norman lose baby, the second girl and the third baby didn t answer, but just stared at her.Ning Tang raised his hands in surrender, Okay Okay, sugar cakes how much weight did royal norman lose will be made for you when your dad comes back.Let s eat something else today, shall we The eldest baby nodded, That s about the same.After speaking, he led Erniu and Sanwa out of the kitchen.Ning Tang looked at his back and waved his fist in the air, really He wanted to beat this poor boy up.Ning Tang was going to make steamed seafood to eat as usual, but suddenly remembered that she didn t go shopping today, it was almost two o clock, and the vegetable market must be closed.When Ning Tang came out of the kitchen, the eldest child, the second girl and the third child were already eating red dates.With a jujube in his mouth, the eldest child tilted his head and said, Stepmother, is the meal ready So fast.Ning Tang snorted, It s good to know, don t worry, I won t be is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose making steamed seafood tonight.Er Niu s eyes Bright, Don t you eat seafood at night Ning Tang choked, Or Eat seafood, but I promise, the seafood you eat at night is better than usual Everything I cook for you is delicious.Er Niu Regretfully, Okay.Obviously she didn t take what Ning Tang said to heart, seafood is seafood, even if it is Children who grow alli diet pills 120 refill up on the island eat seafood for three meals a day.As long as they talk about eating seafood, they are not very excited.Ning Tang didn t brag, she was inspired by instant noodles, and she was tired of eating steamed seafood every day, no matter how delicious it was, she couldn t eat it all at once.She thought of the garlic oysters and is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose garlic vermicelli scallops sold at the barbecue stand.Looking at Ning Tang, she winked and said, Stepmother, I would like to admit defeat.Ning Tang held his forehead, these two children are really ghosts So smart, she thought she had won, but it turned out she just thought it was.How could she have forgotten, this Gambling is the same thing Let the two children go shopping for vegetables, and she has to do whatever they buy.Ning Tang rolled his eyes, Who said that when you buy oysters and scallops, I have to grill them to make them taste like garlic, so I can t steam them.The eldest child looked like he was sure of winning, and shook his head, I don t believe stepmother You would still like to eat steamed ones.Well, it s a complete failure.August 27th, morning.When Ning Tang woke up together, she saw Dawa stepping on a small bench in the living room and tearing up the calendar on the wall, What s the date today Dawa smoothed the torn calendar, put it on the cabinet, and pressed it with something , Shen Lie can use it as draft paper when he comes back, It s the 27th, stepmother.I finally survived until Commander Shen came back, and I was relieved.She collapsed on the mahogany bench in the living room, sighing.The big baby is also very happy, Don t forget to make fried instant noodles for us, yourself You said, wait for Dad to come back What are you doing when I come back Shen Lie s voice came from the door.Dad Er Niu was the first to react, and she followed a little gun.He rushed to Shen Lie s side like a bullet, and his little faces were full of joy.Shen Lie picked up Er Niu and weighed it, Yo, our Er Niu seems to be heavy.Can it not be heavy, I eat and drink well every day.Ning Tang answered through the back of the chair.The eldest child took the third child and ran to the side of Shen Lie, tilted his head to look at Shen Lie, Dad, are you black Shen Lie put the second girl down, touched his face, Is there Yes Ning Tang glanced at him, It s much darker.She was just now You were frightened at that time, and it is not difficult to do a good job of psychological construction to speculate twice.Ning Tang took the spatula, put the cuttlefish rings in, stir fried them for a couple of times, then poured in an appropriate amount of salt and soy sauce, then put in the prawns and sea rainbow, and stir fried IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose evenly.Soon, these ingredients were all Put on a nice sauce color.The last step is the next step.Ning Tang poured the noodles soaked in cold water into the pot, quickly stir fried them, and added a few drops of oil to enhance the aroma.The aroma burst out immediately.Wow, it smells so good.Dawa ran into the kitchen with Erniu and Sanwa.Shen Lie drove them out, Just watch at the door.The kitchen is small.If you come in again, we won t be able to move away.He shook the textbook in his hand, I m going out to show off.Then he ran out the door.Shen Lie shouted from behind him, Show off, don t accidentally tear up the book.Ning Tang continued, You tore up the book, Captain Shen tore you up.Shen Lie twitched the corner of his mouth, Am I so fierce Ning Tang said, No, Commander Shen, what are you having for lunch Shen Lie lay down on the rocking chair, I should ask you this, you made the lunch Ning Tang raised his hand and surrendered, I can do it, hot pot or not.In such a hot day, do you have an appetite for hot pot Shen Lie said.I don t have an appetite, why don t I go to Mrs.Luo s Yard Pick some cucumbers and tomatoes, mix with two refreshing side dishes.Ning Tang said.Shen Lie That s fine.Speaking of Mrs.Luo , Ning Tang thought of her schoolbag, By the way, have you bought a schoolbag for the eldest child Shen Lie said without thinking, No.

The second girl s eyes widened, and she shook her little hand in front of the electric fan, Wow, there s a strong wind.This electric fan is really easy to use.If we have money, we can install one in every room.Taiwan.Shen Lie said, That s right, besides sending electric fans, father in law and mother in law, have you Have you sent a letter, what is written on it Ning Tang slapped her thigh, I was so curious, I forgot to read , the letter is on the table, please open it and have a look.Shen Lie opened the letter and glanced at ten lines, Father in law and mother in law said in the letter that the seafood we sent over has been received and tastes good, but let us not send any more I heard that it was hot on the island, so I sent us an electric fan.Ning Tang felt sour, Whatever you want to pay for, as long as you eat well, the seafood on the island is cheap, so I ll send some over tomorrow.It s just washing vegetables, and it s not helping with cooking.The difference is still very big.Su Junyan said.If you don t believe me, you can ask Commander Shen later.Ning Xue gave him a quiet look, It would be great IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose if someone can help me cook together.Su Junyan rubbed his nose, I don t have that cooking skills He put a chopstick into Ning Xue s bowl to boil cabbage, and said with a sneer, Your cooking is delicious, and my children and I love your cooking.It s unpalatable.Didn t Shen Lie and the three children of the Shen family eat it all She sighed, Looks like I m still not as lucky as Ning Tang.I don t have to cook at home, and I have someone to take care of me when I get married.On October 29th, Ning Tang woke up early.Verse 31 Big baby is very It is Nahan, Stepmother, don t you sleep in today I want to go out.As soon as he left, Ning Xue came out of the house, rubbed the heads of Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu, and praised, Good job.Su Guangzong was puzzled, Mom, why did you let us stay in the yard Eat chicken drumsticks in front of the big baby I usually eat it at home.Su Yaozu curled his lips, Stupid, I don t understand this.Mom wants the eldest child to envy me, and then go back to make trouble with his stepmother.Ning Xue curled her mouth, Yaozu is so smart.A cold light flashed in her eyes Now it depends on whether her food offensive is effective or not.It s best for the eldest child to go back and make a big mess, causing Ning Tang to beat and scold the child, Shen Lie to be dissatisfied, and the Shen family to be restless.Thinking about it, Ning Xue listened attentively to the movement of the Shen family.Shen Lie curled his lips, just saying, Ning Tang hasn t cultivated to that level yet.He took out a thick envelope from his pocket, This is this month s salary, and the allowance for the Spring Festival.You count.Ning Tang took the envelope, opened it, and found a stack of large blue ones.Unity fell out, and suddenly he narrowed his eyes with a smile, Yes, Commander Shen, I can really make money.The money I can receive without going out to work by myself makes me feel very comfortable holding it She said to the three little ones, You Dad has paid your wages.I will buy you delicious food for the New Year.The eldest baby swallowed, I want to eat meat.Ning Tang Okay, buy a few catties Pork belly, let you Dad make pork belly to eat.Er Niu raised her hand, I want to eat fish, sweet and sour fish.He gave the couplet to Dawa, here, follow the description Right.Dawa burst into joy immediately, took the couplet and began to lay down on the table and trace it stroke by stroke.Ning Tang asked Erniu and Sanwa, You two Do you want to write The two little boys shook how much weight did royal norman lose their heads.Then you two Roll out dumpling wrappers with me in the living room and make preparations.Let s make dumplings tomorrow.Ning Tang said.When Er Niu heard that there were dumplings to eat, she immediately became greedy and couldn t help asking, Stepmother, are the dumplings delicious Ning Tang was taken aback when she heard that, could it be that none of the three children had eaten dumplings She asked Shen Lie with her eyes, and Shen Lie coughed, In recent years, the South China Sea has not been peaceful.I basically spent New Year s in the military camp.Big Huzheng was playing hard, his little face was flushed, he took the beanbag and threw it to another child, saying hello casually.The three children came home.After running all the way, I sweated a how much weight did royal norman lose lot, and the eldest child took off his coat and clothes without even thinking about it.Shen Lie glared at him, I ll take off my clothes later.The eldest child yelled, It s hot.Shen Lie was about to stare again.Ning Tang continued, You can t take off the heat.If you take it off suddenly, the cold air will enter your body and you will catch a cold.You just want to be cool for a while, and you will have a fever and a runny nose.You will lie on the bed for three or four days, and you will not be able to go anywhere.I can t play with my little friends, do you think it s worth it Of course it s not worth it, the eldest child obediently put the clothes on, What about the dumpling wrapper and stuffing, don t you mean making dumplings In the kitchen, your dad just Adjust the filling.

Zeng Xinlan s face burst into a smile, This, I still have to Thank Xiao Ning.Ning Tang was busy peeling peanuts to eat, raised her eyebrows, and said teasingly, Thank me You Your children are not eating from my family.Big rice.Zeng Xinlan gave her a sharp look, looked at the man aspire diet pill s table, and found that Battalion Commander Qi was pulling Shen Lie and the others to talk loudly, and when they got excited, they blushed and didn t pay attention at all.When they got to their side, he lowered his voice and said, Thank you for your idea last time.Idea Ding Ronghua was taken aback.She wasn t there at the time, so naturally she didn t know about that.After Mrs.Luo explained it to her, Ding Rong asked repeatedly, Then and then.Obviously, she was also very curious about what idea Ning Tang had for Zeng Xinlan.Ning Tang told Ding Ronghua her idea in a few words.Ding Ronghua s eyes widened, and she asked Zeng Xinlan, Then You With you Our battalion commander Qi What happened after you today diet pill tore your face.How is it Zeng Xinlan laughed, Ever since I had a big fight with him, he didn IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose t dare to shout at me like before, wanting to take money from the family, When I gave the things at home to those people in my hometown, they would also ask my opinion first, because he knew that if I found something missing, I would arrange to have a big fight with him again, which made the neighbors You She knows, don t want his face.After a few quarrels with Commander Qi, he calmed down a lot, and Zeng Xinlan also saved a little savings.She used the money to improve the quality of food at home, and raised the big tiger to a full circle.Immediately her eyes lit up, Thank you so much, it took a lot of effort to find these books, right Zhao Qing coughed and blushed slightly, It s okay.Not only went to three Xinhua bookstores, but also went to all the bookstores in Jiang City.These days, there is no TV or computer, and even movies are rare.Everyone is proud of reading in their spare time.Under the incandescent lamp, holding a good book and reading quietly is the best enjoyment to kill time.Even if you don t like reading, walk on the road with a book of quotations under your armpit, name, etc., others will respect you as a cultural person.Gradually, there was a fad for reading, and sometimes it was hard to find a book.That How the Steel Was Tempered , because it is a foreign book, when I found it, several students rushed to get it.Ning Tang wants to go to Su s house to pay New Year s greetings rashly.Maybe the Su s house has nothing prepared.It s very embarrassing, and it s hot on the face and cold on the butt.After all, I haven t seen anyone from his family come out for a whole year.Sure enough, it s already fifteen, and Ning Xue didn t come to Shen s house, and she didn t even go out much.Ning Tang was very puzzled, but it was not easy to find him.Those two red envelopes for Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu were never given out, and they were kept on the entry cabinet.Shen Lie listened to what Ning Tang said, and asked the eldest child, Have you played with the opposite twins recently The eldest child blinked, No, I stopped playing with them a long time ago.Shen Lie was amazed, Why don t you play together anymore, are you having a conflict The eldest child said that Su Guangzong Su Yaozu let him go to play, and when he saw the big crispy chicken drumsticks, the eldest child came back and made a fuss.But it s different if there is a story book hanging around.In order to read the stories in the story book , the eldest child will take the initiative to learn to read characters without Ning Tang reminding her.Kill two birds with one stone.Verse 45 Sure enough, the eldest baby said decisively, Mother Mom, you taught me how to read.I want to read story books by myself.Showing the prestige of his little teacher.Ning Tang laughed, Okay, I ll teach you tomorrow.He asked Er Niu and Sanwa again, Are you two Do you want to learn Er He said, Learn It was the first time for Shen Lie to see Dawa so enthusiastic about learning, and he couldn t help giving Ning Tang a thumbs up, Comrade Xiao Ning, you still have a way.March 7th , Shen Lie helped Sanwa enroll in the Yuhong class.On March 10th, elementary school started, and the can i eat what i want and still lose weight two brothers went to school together with small schoolbags on their backs.The eldest child said with a slumped face, When it is useful to you, I am your own son.That s it Your little servant.Shen Lie pushed the older boy forward, pointed at the kid, cut him.Ning Tang squeezed the older boy with a grinning smile, Look, I ll let you see it today Look at my stepmother s handiwork, and I promise to help you cut a cool hairstyle, and go to school to fascinate a group of female classmates.Sanwa tilted her head, What is cool.The word cool began It seems to have originated in the Shanghai stock market.It is a transliteration of a very trendy glasses brand, and then slowly spread.In the 1980s, it was widely used by young people in Baodao.It s cool.Ning Tang explained, It means You are handsome, you are cool, you are particularly how much weight did royal norman lose eye catching.Sanwa shook her head, but she still didn t understand.

After dinner, Shen Lie went to the army.He still has a meeting in the afternoon.Before leaving, she did not forget to tell Ning Tang, Remember to make up lessons for the eldest child.Ning Tang was speechless, she thought Shen Lie had forgotten about this matter.Is this the first time for the eldest child Knowing this, he was dumbfounded, his neck stiffly turned towards Ning Tang s direction, Mom, what do you mean I ll make up the lessons.Ning Tang belly fat burning gummies alli diet pills high blood pressure laughed, You forgot, you go In the next final exam, I got 60 in the Chinese test.Your father said that you did too badly in the exam, so let me help you make up the lessons and bring your grades up to you.Making up lessons means not being able to go out to play, and And today is Saturday The IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose eldest child suddenly cried with a small face, Can you not make love Ning Tang pushed him on the table, You can tell Captain Shen about this, it s useless to tell me, you think I want to help you make up Ah, this is mine During the lunch break, isn t taking a nap better than helping you make up lessons Okay.The ivory awns she picked were already ripe and easy to eat.Wash the ivory awns, separate the core of the mango, and then use The knife cuts the flesh a few times horizontally and vertically to form small grids, and then grabs the sides and squeezes these mango grids into the bowl, which is very convenient and does not dirty hands.Now Only the green awns picked by Dawa and the others are left, and these green awns are not yet fully mature.Ning Tang tried to cut a piece and tasted it, almost acidifying her big teeth.She remembered that when Mrs.Luo introduced the mango varieties to her, she said that this kind of green mango could be eaten with chili salt, and she also told her belly fat burning gummies alli diet pills high blood pressure how to make chili salt.The materials needed are all available at home.Chili powder is turned into chili water, sugar and water are boiled in a pot over low heat, add a little salt, stir evenly, and then add the prepared chili water in batches, slowly over low heat Fry it dry, and a plate of chili salt is ready.The eldest child said, Uncle Zhou often sells good dishes to others.Adding to the problem, everyone knows that Uncle Zhou s seafood is good and cheap.Over time, everyone recognizes his brand name and likes to go to his house to buy.I don t believe it., Do you remember that there were a lot of people lined up in front of Uncle Zhou s stall just now Dawa said, We waited in line for a while before we went to buy vegetables.Ning Tang nodded, encouraging him to continue talking.The eldest child smiled slyly, Besides, I don t think that Uncle Zhou earns less.After all, he is in business.If he really has no profit, he has already closed down and returned home.How could he be happy to leave the stall every day.Maybe, this Uncle Zhou earns the most among all the seafood stall owners.The main thing is a small profit but quick turnover.He opened his mouth and brought it close to Shen Lie s cheek.Shen Lie s face turned red, like a monkey s buttocks, talking He also stuttered, You, you, get up soon He had a flash of inspiration, Big baby and the others are coming back soon, don t be caught The three of them saw it.As soon as the words finished, I heard the voice of the eldest child, Dad, we didn t see it, you just pretend that we don t exist.Shen Lie looked back, the eldest child and the others didn t know anything When did he stand at the door.The eldest boy covered his is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose eyes with both hands, but there was a slit between the fingers of the eldest child, the second girl covered her own eyes with one hand, and the third child s eyes with the other hand, and there was a small slit between keto diet pills really work how much weight did royal norman lose her fingers.The baby is so obvious, but It is easy to see that these three babies are all peeping.Instead, he pulled them to discuss, Say, what should we bring back to grandma and grandpa Dried shrimp, dried mackerel Ning Tang sent these seafood back every two months.She wanted to bring some fresh ones for Ning Weiguo and Sun Aiju to sweeten their mouths.The eldest child said, Our island is famous for its seafood and fruits.Let s see which one you want to bring.I really want to bring fruit.Ning Tang said, But From Hailang Island to Shangang Village, take the train It takes nearly seven days to take the fruit It s all rotten.Besides, it s not good to take this stuff on the train Erniu concluded, Then we can only bring dried fish, and the fish won t be crushed after being dried.Ning Tang had a flash of inspiration, That s not true, Erniu reminded me, we can Sun dried fruit and bring it back.The original intention of Su Junyan to accompany her home for the New Year was not to be considerate of her not seeing her family for more than a year, but to save face with Shen Lie.How can it not be chilling Su Junyan didn t pay attention to Ning Xue s face, and said calmly, You know, I am different from Shen Lie.He has neither father nor mother, so he can accompany Ning Tang home for the New Year I am different, I have both parents, and He is the only son in the family, my two older sisters both gave birth to daughters, fat burn and Guangzong Yaozu is the eldest son and grandson of the family, if I can accompany you back for a New Year s Eve, it will be considered your ancestral grave.Ning Xue listened expressionlessly.In Su Junyan s broken thoughts, for the first time is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose in his heart, he regretted that she chose Su Junyan.

Chapter 46 Serving Take care Add more Right While talking, Sun Aiju s voice came from outside the house, Come over for dinner.The train arrived at the station at twelve o clock in the noon, and it took another two hours to arrive at Shangang Village, and then to Shen Lie and Ning Tang, down to the big baby and the three little ones, their stomachs are all so hungry.Ning Tang hurriedly responded, Okay, come.After speaking, he and Shen Lie brought the three little ones to the main room where they ate.A large round dining table had already been set up in the main room.Ning Tang glanced at it, and it should be a new one.In the past, will i lose weight if i walk everyday there were few people in the family, and they used the square table for meals.This time, there were many people who came back, so we specially set up a big round table.Fifty yuan, Zhou Yinxin felt as if someone had been cut with a knife, he clenched his fist and beat Ning Xue several times, then sat down on the floor and cried, Hey, the one who killed a thousand knives, This is 50 Yuan, a full 50 Yin scolded her for being stupid, but she was the only high school student in Shangang Village, and she claimed to be extremely smart.Pretending to be keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies relaxed, Isn t it only fifty yuan I earned it back in a few months.Earn Zhou Yin grasped the word keenly.Yes, Mom, you don t know yet, I am now I am the secretary of the women s committee on our island, and I can receive Ning Xue was vain, and deliberately raised her salary, I can receive ten yuan a month.Five yuan salary, the fifty I earned it back in three or how much weight did royal norman lose four months.Besides, I still have New Year s benefits.But Sun Desheng s family has a small population, so Sun Desheng doesn t even need to look at it.He knows that there how much weight did royal norman lose are not many shares, so he is not jealous.Ning Weiguo noticed his gaze, raised his eyebrows, and said intentionally, There are a lot of children in the family, so I divided up the meat and went home to make lard residue and stuff sausages for them.child.A gleam flashed in Sun Desheng s eyes, I heard Your family, Ning Xue and Ning Tang, are both queen mothers The children standing at the entrance of the village yesterday are not your children.Right.He sighed deliberately, Oh, help other people raise their children, and be a queen Mom, tsk tsk tsk, what are you doing with that money for how much weight did royal norman lose nothing eat.It is true.Verse 67 At the how much weight did royal norman lose beginning, Ning Xue didn t pay for Ning Wei s party when he was studying, keto you cleanse pills let alone how good he could be to Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu, the twins who didn t have a trace of Ning s blood.Ming and secretly belittle Su Junyan for being lazy, not doing housework, not capable, and unable to hire someone to help with housework, so Ning Xue is allowed to wash on the island Washing the dishes made my hands cramp.After hearing this, Su Junyan s face turned blue and purple, which was even better than the fireworks set off outside.Look, Ning Tang couldn t help but burst out laughing.Seeing Su Junyan was not convinced, and wanted to utter bad words again.Ning Tang hurriedly pulled Shen Lie out, It s alright, it s New Year s Eve, don t quarrel with him.Shen Lie looked down at Ning Tang, Who am I speaking for, you little heartless Ning Tang took his hand and shook it left and right, Okay Okay Okay, my fault, my fault.She pointed to the fireworks in the sky, Look Good No Look.It s good to see.Sun Aiju s eyes widened, Ah, you got so high in the exam , Oh, our second girl is too good.Er Niu proudly puffed out her small chest, and said without humility, I am our third in the class.Mom was right, she went to school and studied hard , she really did well in the exam, not to mention that my father is out every day to show off to others, my daughter did well in the exam, and even grandma and grandpa couldn t praise her, so she must study hard Without even thinking about it, Sun Aiju took another 20 cents from her pocket and stuffed it into the red envelope.Today This red envelope must be paid more Er Niu took the red envelope, arrogant and high spirited, and her small steps were like a little rooster that had just grown a cockscomb.It s the big baby s turn to receive the red envelope.The old couple were still smiling, Brother, how many points did you get in this year s exam Full marks, only seventy five points in the test.The eldest child almost got a piece of corn stuck in his throat, Teacher Zhou was just trying to scare them, but Shen Lie was serious, and hurriedly said, I ll take homework right away Write.Ning Tang stopped him and poured him a glass of boiled water, Drink the boiled water before going.The eldest child drank the boiled water in three or two gulps, and finally swallowed the corn.I hurried upstairs to take down my homework and make up for it.The kid spread out his homework, picked up is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose the pencil, and forgot to say to Er Niu, Er Niu, you should hurry up and write too, otherwise your teacher will slap you.He looked at Three Baby, three Baby looked at him best fat burner 2020 australia cutely.The eldest child was speechless, Youforget it, you don t need to write.He put keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies his face on his face and sighed, I really envy the third child who is still in Yuhong class and has no winter homework Seeing that Erniu hadn t gone upstairs to get her homework, Dawa urged her again.

He ate so much that the food got stuck in his throat.Ning Tang didn t know whether to laugh or cry, I told you not to eat it, what s the big deal, let s pack it.Shen Lie hiccupped and waved his hand, That s no good, the waiter is staring at me, I m boasting so much, I have to eat it It s over.Ning Tang laughed at him, wanting to how much weight did royal norman lose save face and suffer.Chapter 53 Watching Movies Add Geng After resting for more than half an hour, Shen Lie also digested a lot and was able to walk, so they moved to the cinema.Beginning this year, the crackdown on small vendors has become less stringent than before.There are many smart people who know how to do business and start setting up stalls at the entrance of the cinema.At the entrance of the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose small is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose movie theater, there are seven or eight small stalls, some selling popcorn, some selling mung bean cakes, and some selling maltose.Deputy Battalion Commander Ai didn t have much ink in his stomach, so he searched his guts to find a few adjectives, in short, it means that Shen Lie and Ning Tang are very suitable, very suitable, a natural pair All the saliva was boasted Only then did he see the expression on Shen Lie s face turned from anger to a smile, and nodded in satisfaction, Well, you have vision.Finally passed the test Deputy Battalion Commander Ai wiped A handful of sweat on the forehead.In the army, how much time do you have to be careful You also have to learn to flatter, and you have to learn to repress before you want to grow keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies first of all, the photography skills are not good, and the photos are only good because Shen Lie and Ning Tang are good looking.Well done.Deputy Battalion Commander Ai thought to himself, is it easy for how much weight did royal norman lose him Whoooo In June, when the weather is hot, the vegetables in Mrs.It cost more than 300 yuan, and I put belly fat burning gummies it in the living room.The dark green body looks very foreign.Although Ning Tang and Shen Lie kept talking about buying a washing machine, it was the first time for the eldest children, the second daughter and the third child, to see the real thing.They didn t expect the washing machine to be such a huge monster, and they surrounded themselves in amazement.The big boy touched the washing machine, the cold body He couldn t help shrinking back Withdrawing his hands, he asked Ning Tang, Mom, what is this washing machine called, and what is it for Ning Tang said As the name suggests, this is a laundry machine.We have a lot of families and we have a lot of clothes to wash.With it, we don t have to wash clothes by hand.This big machine will do it for us.Er Niu is small Open her mouth enough to put down an egg There is actually a machine that can help people wash clothes.So now there is another primary school student in the family.In the final exam of the next semester of the second grade, the eldest child failed in the Chinese exam and was still hovering at the pass line.Shen Lie again asked Ning Tang to help the eldest child with tutoring.Verse 79 At noon on Saturday, Shen Lie returned to the army after eating, saying that he wanted to go to a meeting, best carb blocker diet pills and before he left, he how much weight did royal norman lose told Ning Tang to catch the older child and study.Ning how much weight did royal norman lose Tang glanced at the 7 day diet menu to lose weight wall clock on the wall, it was fifteen minutes past one, and shouted to the eldest son, Your father is destined, hurry up, call Start class and work locally.The third son was amused and giggled, Hahaha, Mom, why do you speak so like Like what Er Niu asked.The eldest child said, Like a devil, or The bad devil who caught me in tutoring.As the weather got hot, all the kids wanted to go into the water.Wait When your dad is free, I ll take you to the beach with him.Swim if you want to swim, and pick up shells if you want to.Ning Tang comforted.What are you waiting for when I m free Shen Lie s voice came from the door.Ning Tang turned her head in surprise, and found that Shen Lie had how much weight did royal norman lose returned, Aren t you Going to a meeting, why did you come back so early The army meeting, is it necessary It will is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose be at night, and Ning Tang will be ready for him at night.I m not going to come back for dinner, I didn t expect him to come back so early today.Shen Lie waved his hand, I was supposed to have a meeting.After waiting for an hour, the commander and the division commander didn t come.After waiting for another half an hour, Zhang Wenshu said that the central government sent a leader, and the commander and the division commander went to the meeting.Ning Tang said natural fat burning supplements for women This is a great event, and we need to celebrate it.Well, so I want to treat you to a meal.Do you think Should I go to the city or where How about going to a state run restaurant Zeng Xinlan said.The two of them really helped her a lot.Although we don t say thank you for your kindness, it is still very necessary to have a meal and express your affection.By the way, let s call Political Commissar Zhao, Captain Shen, Qingqing, and the eldest baby, the second girl and the third baby, everyone Let s go together, it s very lively.Zeng Xinlan said.Ning Tang and Mrs.Luo looked at each other.Going to a state run restaurant for dinner requires both money and tickets.Although the portions are substantial, they are quite expensive, and there are so many of them.This one meal will not empty Zeng Xinlan s house.

Both Zeng Xinlan and Mrs.Luo felt that Ning Tang s idea was good.Mrs.Luo patted her chest and said, I ll take care of the barbecue.Harvesting freshly ripe vegetables, her family There are three people, they can t finish eating, and the vegetables can t be delivered.They best and fastest working diet pills are afraid of waste, and they still have to pickle pickles.Zeng Xinlan isn t polite to Mrs.Luo Okay, then I ll buy meat and seafood.Ning Tang said, I ll take care of the drinks.Both of them knew that Ning Tang likes to tinker with these drinks, such as ginger jujube tea 10 fat burner in winter and mint syrup in summer, so I can safely leave it to her.The time It s easy to decide.The barbecue meeting is at night.Zeng Xinlan s working time They are all fixed.I have time in the evening.The main thing is to see Commissar Zhao, Shen Lie, and Battalion Commander Qi.Sweet and sour, very delicious and appetizing.Sister in law Luo took one sip after another, and drank a big glass in one go.He thought to himself, those nonchalant soldiers on the island are lazy and greedy to make arrangements for Ning Tang outside every day.Don t even think about it, if you are really stupid, can you make such a delicious drink Anyway, none of the military subordinates who arranged Ning Tang had such skills.There are also shell wind chimes and shell curtains.Seashells are everywhere on the seaside, and they can IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública how much weight did royal norman lose be picked up everywhere.No one has thought about making crafts with them, but Ning Tang thought of it.It is exquisite and beautiful It is estimated that some people will buy it when they are sold how much weight did royal norman lose in the market.After talking for a while, Shen Lie, Zeng Xinlan, Battalion Commander Qi and Du Hu came back together.Even if it is burnt a little, the seasoning can make up for it.A group of adults took turns relaying the relay, and soon a large table was roasted.There was no table in the house that could seat ten adults and children, so three tables were set up.Just like the previous New Year greetings, men sat at one table, women sat at one table, and children sat at one table.It s not because of the old custom that women and children don t how much weight did royal norman lose sit at the table, so they sit separately, but because most of the conversations between Shen Lie and Political Commissar Zhao are about the army.Ning Tang and the others are not interested, and they can t talk together.The most important thing is that they can sit apart and talk small things.Barbecue and wine are specially paired, there is a delicious small barbecue, and Ningtang best bike workout to lose weight s special pear wine, Shen Lie, political commissar Zhao, and battalion commander Qi drank a little wine, ate a little barbecue, and started talking, bragging and farting.His parents family is a vampire, a bottomless pit.Instead of giving them the money, it s better to throw it into the water.At least you can listen Ring, it s better to let me go This, I At least I can save.Ning Tang frowned.This matter is actually quite difficult.Because in the end, the money is the salary of Battalion Commander Qi.Distributing power.It s just that he doesn t have a big brain Sober and filial, in fact It stands to reason that it s reasonable to give his parents three or five yuan a month, and how much weight did royal norman lose spend the rest of the money on his own small family.Of course, Normal parents are keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies not like Battalion Commander Qi s parents, who ask their son to send half or all of their income back to supplement them every day, but try to subsidize their son s small family.Ning Tang told Zeng Xinlan honestly, Xinlan, Battalion Commander Qi is thirty eight this year, and he s already passed half his life.Sanwa smiled, Who told you and Mom not to let us drink, we We were curious, so how much weight did royal norman lose we tasted some.Is that called a little Ning Tang said , The three of you drank more than me last night Both your father and I were drunk.The three little ones felt that they had caused trouble, and dared not talk back.They pursed their lips and smiled, and concentrated on drinking porridge.After lunch, Shen Lie went to the army, Ning Tang and San Xiaozhi were at home.She went to the rooftop to have a look, and the rooftop had been cleaned up, probably Shen Lie did it while she was asleep.Ning Tang also recovered, the alcohol was gone, and the headache no longer occurred.The big baby saw a bag of tea leaves on the table and poked it with her finger, Mom, what is this Ah This was given to Ning Tang by Shen Lie two days ago, saying it was a gift from someone else.Shen Lie blew his beard and stared, Buy Buy a fart, don t you If you buy it, you have to cure his stinky problem.Don t talk about it every day.You want everything you see. Chapter 86 Ning Tang squinted at him, When you were Sanwa s age, you weren t like him Begging for something Of course there was, and the trouble was even worse than Sanwa s.Shen Lie choked, can t he speak He spoke.Ning Tang then said to Sanwa, Tell me, where can I buy clothes that sew wolves and tigers Sanwa saw that Ning Tang was facing him, didn t she She continued to wipe her tears, hiccupping and stuttering Authentic, Buy, can t you buy it Ning Tang raised his eyebrows, How do you know you can t buy it Sanwa Su Yaozu said that the clothes with the wolf s head and the tiger s head were sewn by their mother.Department stores I can t buy it.

Even if Su Junyan joined the army five years earlier than Shen Lie, and made some achievements in his work, it would be more difficult for an effective diet pills in mercury drug officer in the logistics department to be promoted slower than a front line officer like Shen Lie, because he had no military achievements.At the beginning, Zhou Yin and Ning advised her for the party, saying that Su Junyan was safe in the logistics department and did not need to go to the battlefield, so she would not be a widow.But when I actually came to Hailang how much weight did royal norman lose Island, I realized that although the troops have to go to sea from time to time, it is difficult to fight battles, and it is relatively difficult for officers in the rear to be promoted.In this comparison, she is inferior to Ning Tang.After all, one is the head s lover, and the how much weight did royal norman lose other is the section chief s lover.At least, she is more real than Ning Xue.Everyone They are all victims of Ning Xue s instigation, and they have a feeling of sympathy for each other.When they meet on the road, they will chat for a while, and after a while, they become familiar.Lei Sufen drank the watermelon juice squeezed by Ning Tang, and looked around, Xiao Ning, your house is well furnished.The how much weight did royal norman lose rocking chair by the window sill, the bookshelf in the corner, and the shell wind chime under the eaves, everything is beautiful The smell of life.Mrs.Luo smiled and continued, That s right, let s talk about the shell wind chime, how many people can think of doing it like this.Head nurse Huang walked to the washing machine, Xiao Ning, is what food is good for fat burning this washing machine easy to use It s easy to use, and you can wash clothes by pressing a few buttons.At least there is no extra thread, and the pockets will not Leaked.Shen Lie kept moving his hands, I m looking at where is the pattern I sewed.It s lifts that burn fat not a pattern, it s a word.Ning Tang said.Word A blush flashed across Shen Lie s face.Could it be that he sewed some love or affection How embarrassing he said without hesitation, Where is the sew, show me.Ning Tang turned over the pocket on his chest and showed it to him, Here, that s it.I sewed the character Shen on you.Although it was only one character, it was Shen Lie s surname , he sure likes it.Ning Tang had a good idea, but Shen Lie didn t buy it, and asked with a squint, You give Big boy they sew such a big pattern, just give I sew a small word, do you think it s appropriate Ning Tang said , It s suitable, why isn t it suitable, big baby and the three of them The pattern on the clothes was sewed for me by me, Tuo Xinlan, and the heavy character on your clothes was sewed by myself.This Mrs.Luo sighed, What do you want to say Qingqing is also short, but Qingqing is tall, I see him standing on the same side, Qingqing at least says he is half a head taller than him.Zhao Qing is taller among southern girls, about 1.65 to 1.65 meters.1.68 meters like this.Moreover, people these days are generally not tall, and Zhao Qing s height is considered unique.She is thinner and taller.Two people standing together, the picture how much weight did royal norman lose must be good Looking at it, Ning Tang understands why Sister Luo s expression is so bad when she is at the port.It s not that there is nothing good about it.Mrs.Luo added, That kid looks quite white.It also made Zhao Qing darker.Zhao Qing grew up on Hailang Island, and likes to go out every day, her skin is darker than that of ordinary girls.Having said so much, it s not about judging people by their appearance.When Su Guangzong was in a trance, he suddenly remembered that the three of them, Dawa, were also hungry.Now, why are they switched over After the Shen family had dinner, San Xiaozhi helped Shen Lie put away the table, and Ning Tang continued to organize her new books.The three little ones came out after washing the dishes.They saw that there were several more books on the bookshelf.The eldest child said, Mom, you bought new books.Well, I bought a few.Ning Tang said, When you finish reading, I ll buy new ones when I come back.The eldest child said , You don t need mom to pay, we have already saved money.Ning Tang laughed, How much have you saved.The three little ones ran up to their respective rooms on the second lose weight while building muscle floor and carried down their piggy banks.The eldest baby still uses the small earthen pot to save money, the second girl also uses her biscuit box, and the third baby is the same as before, she doesn t put things in it, just stuff a little here and there.After hearing this, Er Niu finally breathed a sigh of relief.Sanwa squished her mouth, I don t need to buy too many vegetables for cooking tomorrow.She clenched her fists and said, I, I can Eat less every meal, and only eat half a bowl of rice for a meal, so as to save money for the family.Ning Tang Have fun, Sir, our family is not so poor yet, don t worry, your dad and I can still afford the three of you s meals.Besides, saving money doesn t mean shrinking your hands and cutting your own food.Wear, or what I often say Spending money on medicine is not as good as spending money on good food.When you eat well, you how much weight did royal norman lose feel better, and the pain will naturally go away.Afraid Sanwa would be worried, she He added, how much weight did royal norman lose botanax diet pills Besides, using coconut shells as a piggy bank is just to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Ning Tang nodded in satisfaction, and gestured, The deck chairs should be made like beach chairs, and beach chairs are , affordable diet meal plan to lose weight the part where the feet are placed should be particularly long, and the parasol is not needed Make it too big, just enough to cover the two deck chairs, and the material is not important.Afraid Shen Lie didn t understand clearly, she simply drew a picture for him, When asking Shen Lie to find someone to do it, it would be good to have a basis, lest you make her look completely different.Throughout the summer vacation, the three of them were looking forward to deck chairs and parasols.Once the summer vacation was over and school had just started, the deck how much weight did royal norman lose botanax diet pills chairs and parasols that Shen Lie entrusted were ready.On September 11th, Thursday afternoon, Ning Tang stood in the yard, looked at the newly furnished yard, and nodded with satisfaction.Ning Tang was happy, and waved his hand, how much weight did royal norman lose asking the eldest son to tell him, Tell your dad, if I am angry.The eldest son swallowed the last bite of the biscuit, Don t be angry, mom said It s only when I lose.Angry.Then he told how much weight did royal norman lose Shen Lie about Ning Tang s theory of losing face.After Shen Lie finished listening, the corners of his mouth twitched, It s right not to be angry.I don t get angry when others are angry.If I get sick, there is no one to replace me.But this reward money, isn t it When it comes to the matter of Dawa fighting , he got angry, and leaned his hands on the belt around his waist involuntarily, No matter what it is, fighting is I ll be a thorn in the future.He glanced at Dawa, and said seriously, Just let him serve as a soldier with me in the future Only the army can punish him.Ning Tang said, I did some calculations, and I want to go around the island.I don t have enough time.It will take at least an afternoon.I m afraid you will come back before you have time.It s gone.Shen Lie muttered, I only swam half of the island Then The time is not right.The eldest child complained, Of course not, my mother took me to delay at Sister in law Xinlan s house for more than half an hour.Shen Lie challenged Eyebrow, Why did you delay The eldest child turned into a frog face again, crossing his arms around his chest, Ask Mom.Ning Tang coughed and cleared his throat, Well, the one who rode to Xinlan s house At that time, I stopped the car and chatted with her, and when I got in the car, I accidentally left the eldest child at their house.Shen Lie couldn t hold back, and burst out laughing, Oh, hey, you re really good.Ask if your family has any relatives in Shanghai.Ning Tang said while spreading the peeled jackfruit pulp on the dustpan.Shanghai stock market Shen Lie seemed to be thinking of some bad memories, and frowned, Why do you ask that Sanwa handed him two letters, The postman uncle just came to deliver the letters, and delivered two letters.One is from the grandparents of Shangang Village, and the other is from the Shanghai stock market.Shen Lie nodded, took the two letters and opened them, looking at ten lines at a glance.Ning Tang put the dustpan in the yard to dry, How is it What did the letter say There is good news and bad news, do you want to Which one should you listen to first Shen Lie said in a mysterious way.Stop playing this game with me.Ning Tang said, Let s talk about it together.Shen Lie waved the letter from Ning Weiguo and Sun Aiju, Dad told Mom that they will come to the island at the end of the month and have a look.Ning Tang thought for a while, but she didn t think of any reason, so she forgot it.Anyway, the old couple will come at the end of the month, so what s the matter Just ask them.On the morning of July 3rd to 10th, Shen Lie and Ning Tang took their eldest children Er Niu San Babies to the port to pick up Ning Weiguo and Sun Aiju.When the old couple touched the boat, they staggered.Ning Tang laughed, Dad, Mom, are you getting seasick This was the first time for the old couple to take a boat, so they were indeed seasick.Sun Aiju said firmly, No way, I m crazy.Ning Tang rubbed some essential oil on him, stimulated by the smell of essential oil, the old couple finally recovered.The eldest baby, the second girl, and the third baby said crisply, Grandma Grandpa Hey Sun Aiju and Ning Weiguo burst into laughter.Every time he goes to sea, he can receive sea subsidies, so he must have earned a lot.Thinking of this, Liang Dong put down the three fingers in the middle, Isn t five hundred enough Six hundred is enough.Before Shen Lie could speak, he snapped, Don t say your family has no money.Pointing to the corner of the wall I don t have the money to afford these electrical appliances Bai Xiaofen quickly answered, You guys If you don t pay me, you can just take these electrical appliances.Ruijie also grew up, It s time to get married and start a family.The girls in the city have to turn three times to carry back the Shen family s washing machine, electric fan, bicycle, and radio, and then they will be able to marry a wife Ning Tang was almost laughed out of anger.I really don t know The face is long, but the horns are curved.

In fact, God is very fair.Dawa and the others Three, but Liang Dong and Bai Xiaofen s last cards.Seeing that the last hole cards were all wrapped , the two of them were at a loss.Liang Dong resorted to the last trick, You guys, you guys Don t worry that I ll ruin the reputation of the eldest son and the others outside, saying that they re not filial Don t Take care of the elderly.Ning Tang almost laughed out loud Then you look down on us too much How much is face worth If she really cared about fame, she would pat her ass and go to work by now, giving birth to ten or eight children to Shen Lie.Ning Tang paused, You guys If you really dare to do this, I ll take the paper money that was exchanged for the 700 yuan and burn it in front of your house.When the time comes, how much weight did royal norman lose the neighbors will ask you, haha.Sun Minghui has not yet become a full time worker, and is not a regular worker in a machinery factory.Well, he doesn t seem to be a motivated person.Turning this matter right, to put it nicely, the future is promising, and to put it bluntly, it s nowhere in sight.And to be honest, Sun Minghui s salary is not a big problem to support the family when the Sun family The whole family But Zhao Qing spends money lavishly.She spends all her wages on beautiful clothes and cosmetics, so she can t save all year round.What kind of money does she have to subsidize her from political commissar Zhao and Mrs.Luo.If the two are really married, how will they live this day Drinking northwest wind Moreover, marriage is just the beginning, and it costs money to have and raise children.Zhao Qing married Sun Minghui, the Sun family would definitely not be able to afford the money, and the Zhao family would have to pay.Sun Minghui said, Come in Go, my parents, third sister and fourth sister have been waiting for you for a long time.Smiling at Zhao Qing, Or Is it my eldest sister and second sister today Coincidentally, I have something to do, so I must come back to see you.Zhao Qing showed a shyness on her face, No, no Use Please trouble elder sister and second sister.Ning how much weight did royal norman lose Tang thought.With a snort, is this called After entering the house, Ning Tang s eyes suddenly darkened.The house of the Sun family was dark, and Sun Minghui fumbled on the wall for a long time before he found the switch and turned on the dim incandescent lamp in his house.It was broad daylight.Are you Minghui s partner, or are there family members who have Minghui s partner In another thatched hut that is connected to each other, a woman walked in with a cotton curtain, I am Minghui s third sister , My name is Sun Xinan.Su Junyan said, Then I have something to say, you are becoming more and more lazy now, and you have become vain and competitive. Is the pursuit of a better quality of life called vanity and comparison Ning Xue felt that she and Su Junyan were getting less and less on the same page.Fortunately, keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies she still has two obedient and well behaved sons.Ning keto diet pills belly fat burning gummies Xue glanced at Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu who were lying on the desk and concentrating on studying, How much did you two score in the Chinese quiz in the past two days Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu looked at each other.Qi Qi said, Full score.Ning Xue nodded with satisfaction, Not bad.She asked again, How many points did the big boy get in the test Hearing a score from the twins that made her very satisfied, Ning Xue said with a smile, You two should put more effort into your studies, and the eldest child will not be able to catch up with you in this life.Sanwa let out an Ah Da and almost punched Shen Lie in the ass.Shen Lie Three babies.I really itch and want to eat fried pork with bamboo shoots.Sanwa smiled, pointed to the TV and said, Watch TV, watch TV.Ning Tang watched Sanxiao only watch TV for an hour, and then turned off the TV.The eldest boy was watching it vigorously, when the TV went off with a bang, he flattened his mouth and stretched out his voice, Mom It s useless to shout, you Homework done.Ning Tang said.Er Niu coquettishly said, Let us watch it for a while.No.Shen Lie said, You Their house.Sanwa muttered, Then I Let s go to Sister Luo s house to see.Sister Luo loves them so much, she must show them, and she wants to see it for as long as she wants, it s not like being at home, parents don t allow is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose it They look too long.Hey.Shen Lie touched the belt around his waist, Is it itchy.Ning Tang looked at the elder baby and the how much weight did royal norman lose third baby, You two are the same Well, if the poem recitation didn t go well, your dad and I won t blame you.That s it, even if the three of you screwed up all the shows on the night of the school celebration party, it won t affect our family tomorrow.Have a bite of rice.With a big wave of his hand, you should eat fish and fish, and you should eat meat and meat.Shen Lie said, No, you should Eat more After all, you three worked hard last night.Er Niu With a warm heart, I see, Dad, Mom, don t worry.I m sure I won t embarrass you.There are still nearly two weeks to go until June 1st, the day of the school celebration party.A litter of youngsters, all put in all their energy to practice the class s program, trying not to embarrass the class.If you get a good ranking, the school will reward you This time they are more excited.

But is there a typo Shouldn t there be something like labor is the most glorious and keto diet pills really work how much weight did royal norman lose into strong winds and waves Exercise This womanis not related to Erniu, a juicy little girl Erniu said Our class won the first prize.The prize is 100 yuan.There is also a certificate.The certificate is posted on the wall of our class.There is also this enamel jar.Because there is only one, it is difficult to divide.Teacher An said I am the lead singer, and I put in a lot of effort, so I gave this award to me.Very good.Ning Tang nodded, This thing is practical, and a jar of water is enough for you to drink for a day.Never mind What did Ning Tang think The second girl liked it very much.She couldn t put it down while holding the enamel jar.She also said that she would wait for Shen Lie to come back and show off to him.The three little ones had to read the report every day as they passed by.They counted the days and waited to watch the Spring Festival Gala.The Spring Festival Gala started.First, Mr.Zhao Zhongxiang gave a speech, and the host introduced the guests present, and wished the people all over the country a happy new year.Then there was the first program, Happy New Year Song sung by Mr.Li Guyi.The Spring Festival Gala was broadcast live.Teacher Li Guyi faced the camera.His singing voice was sweet and touching, and his voice was mellow and fluent.Holding the spoon, following Teacher Li Guyi s singing, it swayed from side to side and got up.Er Niu threw the spoon away, ran back to the room, took down her notebook which was specially used for excerpting the lyrics, squatted in front of the TV, and when Teacher Li sang a sentence, she copied it quickly.Why don t you say that you have a baby like a big baby and a baby Ning Tang said.Zhou Caiwei was amused, You want to give birth to a big baby and a third baby, and go to the house every day to unravel the tiles.I don t do anything, just clean up the mess for him.Before Ning Tang answered, Zhou Caiwei s mother in law Miao Xiaofeng came from He came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of black liquid in his hand, and said, What kind of girl Girl, can a girl carry on the family Listen to me, if you want to have a baby, give birth to a boy.Zhou Caiwei pursed her lips and said in a low voice, Both boys and girls are the same.Miao Xiaofeng stuffed the porcelain bowl into Zhou Caiwei s hand, glanced at her belly, with a kind smile on her face, Drink quickly.After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Ning Tang, You are how much weight did royal norman lose Xiao Ning, I heard Caiwei mention you.Miao Xiaofeng looked at the medicine juice on the ground, her eyes were dazed, she sat down on the ground, and began to cry, Oh, hello, my rebirth medicine, I paid a lot of money for it from the miracle doctor.I bought it, just this pair, you pay, you pay When Wu Dahui came back from the army, as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Miao Xiaofeng sitting on the ground, he was taken aback, Mom, what are you doing Miao Xiaofeng Seeing that her son came back, she stopped crying and patted her buttocks and got up quickly, Son, you make the decision for me, it s her Pointing at Ning Tang, She made me work so hard.The abortion pill was overturned Suing Ning Tang is not enough, she also needs to accuse Zhou Caiwei, And your wife, I will let her drink the abortion pill, she is like drinking something, life and death It s really stupid to be willing to say it, this is a good thing that you can t get it even if you pray to God or Buddha, do you know how many people are waiting in line how much weight did royal norman lose botanax diet pills to buy it Wu Dahui was confused by her series of questioning He frowned and said, Talk slowly.Wu Dahui never Isn t it your grandson Don t you often bring things back to your grandparents, so you must Take the damn pill to turn all the girls into boys Then I ask You , everyone in the world is giving birth to boys, who will give birth to children in the future Who will give birth to your so called son who can carry on the family line Miao Xiaofeng was stunned, obviously not thinking about this question, she stuttered He said, I, I don t care, whoever has a girl You can t give birth to a girl.Wu Dahui looked cold and indifferent.Seeing this, Miao Xiaofeng rolled his eyes, played a trick of mourning, and started wiping his tears as soon as how much weight did royal norman lose he slapped his thigh, how much weight did royal norman lose Dahui, I m doing this for your own good, you think Thinking, you are almost forty, this in Caiwei s belly, maybe It s the only child in your life.I just ate a big bag of mangoes, cleaned them up, and asked him with a stern face, when will the mother send the fruits again Do it.Thinking about it, I know that this time I will bring my son back home, and I will definitely not be able to escape the clutches of the coach Ning Tang laughed, You Little greedy cat, then I will pickle five cans of raw salted crabs and five cans of raw pickled shrimps for you.You can eat these ten cans by yourself, and you can take the remaining twenty cans Give it away., Is this finally over Sanwa said, Success Shen Lie In addition to pickled raw, I ll send you some dried mangoes and dried bananas, and by the way, some seafood, dried abalone and dried shrimp , mackerel, squid, etc., maybe which one is yours Teammates or coaches like to eat it Not necessarily.

Same thing.It can be said that Ning Tang really didn t worry about anything.Ning Xue was different.Su Junyan let go, back home It was like throwing his hands away from the shopkeeper, ordering Ning Xue even to pour a cup of tea.Originally, Su Guangzong and Su Yaozu were able to help Ning Xue share some housework, after all, they were two young men, right But both of them have been spoiled by Ning Xue, they stretch out their hands when they come to clothes, and open their mouths when they eat.They are 18 year old boys, and their underwear is still Ning Xue washed them for them, let alone share it with Ning Xue It s not bad if you don t add trouble.Although Ning Xue is not busy with work now, there are three big men who don t do housework in the family.The housework on her is not light, and she has to worry about the twins studies.Under heavy pressure, it is normal to look older.Fortunately, the day of Ning Xue s relief is coming soon.Chapter 85 The college entrance examination in 1987 The National Unified Examination for Enrollment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities starts on July 7 and ends on July 9.There are different subjects in the arts and sciences test.In addition to the three main subjects of Chinese, mathematics and English, the liberal arts must test politics, history and geography, and the sciences must test physical and chemical students.After the second year of high school, the eldest son studied science, and the second girl studied liberal arts.Although accounting majors can apply for arts and sciences, but the history of the eldest child is really bad, Ning Tang asked him to apply for sciences, to take the exam of physical and chemical students, and avoid his least favorite history.Learning music these days is not as popular as it is in later generations, and the tuition fee is high.After all, musical instruments are not cheap, and engraving CDs is even more expensive.Most people think that playing music is depressing.Shanghai Conservatory of Music, even if the teachers are good and the school facilities are good, there are really no schools that are not as popular as theirs.So when I heard that the candidates with more than 600 points were actually submitted to their school.The first reaction of the pigtailed male teacher named An Dong and Teacher Zhou Yu was that she must not be allowed to run away Hurry up and notify Vice President Jiang This is the scene of locking the door.Who knows if Shen Ya made a mistake in volunteering What if she comes this time The reason is to take away the file and fight for the college entrance examination next year.Look.Fangfang was so excited, she knew that Er Niu was the best Zhou Yu and An Dong glanced at each other, and they both saw excitement and joy in each other s eyes.This time, their academy has accepted a very good seedling Even the pride of the female teacher with high cheekbones froze on her face, looking at Er Niu up and down with an incredulous expression on her face.After singing a song, Er Niu imitated the actors on TV after performing the curtain call, raised her skirt, bent her knees slightly, and saluted.Vice President Jiang looked at the slim lady in front of him, couldn t close his mouth with a smile, and intentionally gave a sideways glance to the female teacher with high cheekbones, Oh, so This is high scores and low abilities.I really hope we can do it again next year.Take in how much weight did royal norman lose botanax diet pills a few more students who are the same as Shen Ya, with high scores and low abilities.He was counting.This box of clam oil is worth fifty cents, this jar of moisturizer is worth five yuan, he has never seen this Guerlain lipstick, and it is estimated to be small Ten yuan, these miscellaneous things, add up Fifty or sixty must be there up.Where did the big baby come from So much money Didn t you send a lot of clothes back not long ago is golo a diet pill how much weight did royal norman lose Want to say Dawa bought all these things with the money she how much weight did royal norman lose gave him, Shen Lie didn t believe it.This little boy is not that stupid.Verse 141 Shen Lie clicked again, and he knew it.It seems that this little guy went to the Shanghai stock market to do a lot of tricks, and secretly said, stinky little guy, come back when you see it How can I deal with you.Ning Tang read the letter at a glance, and Shen Lie asked, What did the eldest child say in the letter Daughter, Sanwa participated in another city level swimming competition, and he has done well in his professional courses, so he probably can get a scholarship in the next year.Can be formally appointed.Just halfway through writing, he saw Su Junyan swaying over, raised his eyebrows and said, What s the matter Su Junyan put the tea mug on his table, It diet pills that make your poop s okay, I just came to chat with you.Shen Lie put the documents into the cabinet, Hehe, you usually Why don t you come here It s a rare visitor to chat with me.Although Shen Lie packed things quickly, Su Junyan still saw it with his sharp eyes, and his heart was sore, from the throat The tongue became sour all of a sudden, How are your eldest son and second girl doing in the Shanghai stock market Shen Lie was taken aback, what can he do He replied, Very good.Su Junyan looked smug, I m here I want to tell you Let your second girl drop out of school as soon as possible, so that she can take the exam again.Shen Lie frowned, suppressing the curse words , said, Why Su Junyan was complacent, Because I went to the Conservatory of Music how much weight did royal norman lose to study music, and I have no future.

What Shen Lie said was true, but he continued to insist, My son, can I not know that Guangzong is a computer major After speaking, without waiting for Shen Lie to answer, he pushed Other things , the footsteps ran away in a hurry.I misremembered about my son s major It s too embarrassing to stay here I m afraid Shen Lie will laugh at him.Shen Lie looked at the back of Su Junyan running away in a panic, snorted, and fought with him.Su Guangzong, Su Yaozu, the two of them He knows better than Su Junyan what university they went to and what major they studied.Who made Ning Xue come to see the sky He and Ning Tang showed off in front of him, and he could almost memorize it Chapter 94 The old man is about to celebrate the new year, The first big thing at home this year is not Something else Installing the phone.Ning Tang was so teased by v3 diet pill appetite suppressant him that he couldn t help but smile from ear to ear, and said to Shen Lie beside him, This is Sanba The teammates are interesting.Sanwa yelled on the other end of the phone, He s not interesting, Mom, look at me, I m interesting.Ning Tang laughed, Okay Okay Okay, interesting Sanwa, you I m going to tell your belly fat burning gummies alli diet pills high blood pressure mother something.Sanwa thought for a while, then picked up what she hadn t finished talking about last time, I ll go home for Chinese New Year this year, but I ll only stay at home for a week, and I ll go back as soon as the seventh day of the lunar new year is over.What Shen Lie asked beside him.Sanwa smiled shyly, After the Chinese New Year, our coach will take me to compete abroad.The old foreigner does not celebrate the Spring Festival, and the competition is approaching.Hearing that Erniu and Sanwa were all facing him, the little girl s tail was up to the sky, and she looked at Shen Lie with her eyes, Did you see that, Dad.Shen Lie snorted out of his nose, I see, I see your itchy skin, you can t rely on your younger brothers and sisters to be more unscrupulous, if you don t want to be beaten, you can, promise me, don t do anything wrong in the how much weight did royal norman lose future.The eldest child was even more unhappy, Why, I like to be a bad guy, so I like to set up small stalls.Paying money with one hand and delivering the goods with the other hand, the pleasure of making money, the satisfaction of making money, ordinary words are all Can t describe it.Seeing that he refused to change after repeated admonitions, Shen Lie took a breath and picked up the belt, this time he was serious.Ning Tang glanced at him, picked up the peanuts and longan and ate them.The eldest child said again, Mom, are you thirsty I ll make you a cup of tea.Ning Tang said, Bring a pot of longan red date tea.The tea bags are in the chest of drawers.The eldest child poured the tea into a cup, and how much weight did royal norman lose handed it to Ning Tang, Mom, drink it.Ning Tang held it in her hand, fat loss diet pills china blew on the heat from the cup, and was not in a hurry to drink it, Say I don t need to say the next sentence You understand.Da Wa smiled and how much weight did royal norman lose scratched her head, It s not a big deal, but it s Da Hu, can you help me talk to Uncle Qi and Zeng Auntie said Say Shen Lie has found out, and Commander Qi and Zeng Xinlan are not wooden people, even if they don t find out now, they will find out one day sooner or later.Comparing the two of them, their business is getting bigger and bigger, and they are earning more and more money.So Dawa paid attention to it, and when will doing ab workouts burn fat I went to buy new products in May, I took Dahu and Er Niu to find a merchant who sells accessories to discuss a business, and decided to test the waters a little bit more, and belly fat burning gummies alli diet pills high blood pressure see if the sales are good.good.Dawa and Dahu don t know how to look at these accessories.Luckily, there are two girls here.There are many beautiful girls in the conservatory, and they all know how to dress up.I have seen a lot of girls, so I probably know the young girls now.What kind of accessories do you like, and helped the eldest baby choose a lot.The three of them bought the goods, put the goods in the dormitory, and then went to meet for dinner.Dawa is the host, What do you two want to eat Eat Donglaishun s boiled mutton.Dahu sucked in his saliva, The newly opened restaurant is said to be the authentic taste of Beijing.After all, Erniu is kind, If you can t be persuaded, you have to slimming pills diet persuade.Then try it.The eldest child said.Er Niu took a step forward and said to Su Guangzong, Su Guangzong, you, it s wrong for you to play like this.Su Guangzong glanced at her, What s wrong, as long as I like it, if you don t understand, playing games is like learning It s much more interesting.Er Niu stammered, Well, you can t borrow money to play games, you ve squandered all the money in your house.Su Guangzong handed the IOU to the boss, I ve said it all, My family is rich, this is what my mother said.He frowned and said, If you don t play, don t hinder me.After finishing talking, he ignored the three people, turned around and went back to his fruit machine, staring at the screen with obsession.Dawa sighed, he Never thought that Su Guangzong would become like this.

He just came back from the sea.Ah, you dared to sneak back without saying a does cabbage help burn fat word, and your coach thought you were kidnapped.The three year old child stood with his hands behind his back, looked at the sky, looked at the ground, and whistled, but didn t look at Shen Lie, looking like he couldn t hear you.Ning Tang patted him, Okay, hurry up and call your coach, he is so worried, it s not easy for your coach, he s an old man, and he has to help you every day Worry about the little monkey cubs.The third baby responded and went to call the coach back.When he came back, his eyes were red, and how to determine your fat burning zone it seemed that he had cried a lot.The third child stayed at home for two days, and Ning Tang and Shen Lie didn t mention a word about the competition, so they just played around with him.Go to the beach to pick up seafood, fly kites, go to the back mountain to dig bamboo shoots and wild vegetables.Da Wa and Da Hu exchanged glances.Duo curled his lips.When Ning Xue agreed to come down just now, he still thought that Auntie Ning was quite persuasive, but he didn t expect that she would tell them to go to her tomorrow, and then to Su Guangzong.Excuse me, the two of them have nothing to do Have you done your business Tomorrow is Monday.I have to go to class, and the final exam is coming soon, so he won t study for two days Of course, even if I told Ning Xue about this, she wouldn t change her mind.She would just be stubborn, thinking that the whole world revolved around her, and Dawa and Dahu should accompany her to find Su Guangzong.Want Ask Why They are all from Hailang Island, and the eldest baby is related to her, so if you don t help her, who else will you help After getting out of the tortoise car, Ning Xue walked in front, while Da Wa and Du Hu walked behind.Turning around, he said to Su Guangzong, If you go back to Hailang Island, Aunt Tang will cook for you every day, and then play games when you are full.She will also help you with laundry, and the family will pay for you to play games, no It s better than staying here Okay This is of course an expedient measure to coax Su Guangzong, first lure Su Guangzong back to Hailang Island, and then he will be taken care of by himself on the island.Didn t Su Guangzong know about Dawa s little trick, and when he heard it, his heart was moved.He could smell the rotten smell on his body, and his stomach was rumbling with hunger.How much is at how much weight did royal norman lose home Well, at home with his mother taking care of him and the family giving him money, he can live a life like the big boy said.He got up silently, and glanced at Ning how much weight did royal norman lose garnier diet pills Xue, Why are you still standing there, let s go.If it s not diet pills louisville ky good, why would the star wear it on TV Believe it or not, the Spring Festival Gala Finished, everyone They started scrambling to buy the same clothes worn by Xiaoqing.The eldest child was stunned for a moment, and it seemed reasonable to hear his mother say, There are so many clothes, why do you just buy Xiaoqing s clothes What s the reason Because she s a celebrity.Ning Tang thought for a while, then said, You can call this celebrity effect, or star effect, everyone They all like to imitate celebrities belly fat burning gummies alli diet pills high blood pressure and want to be as beautiful as them , as handsome, so let s start by buying the same style as celebrities.Dawa s eyes lit up, it s the same as him looking for Erniu as a model, everyone Think Erniu looks good in clothes, and they want to buy it too, but it s actually a Reasonable.Erniu is beautiful and has a good figure, so she can dress well and attract so many guests.The same goes for celebrities.They generally have beautiful faces and better figures, and they can make their clothes look more beautiful.Moreover, they have all been on TV, and through TV transmission, more people will see their clothes, and the more people who watch them, the more people will naturally like this suit.The eldest child figured it out, and focused more and more on the Spring Festival Gala.From time to time, she would ask Ask Ning gvp keto pills Tang and Mrs.Luo, if they think this dress looks good.A good memory is not as good as a bad pen, and he even went upstairs to get a pen and paper As soon as Xiaoqing appeared on stage, he would trace the red lapel shirt and black umbrella skirt she was wearing.Opened a shop at such a young age This idea just turned a corner in her mind, and Lan Ling asked and answered herself, the boss must have hired her as a worker.Just thinking about it this way, her top priority is to buy clothes of the same style as Xiaoqing s.Pointing at the model, the anxiety in his eyes almost turned into substance.The big baby also asked her I was stunned.He originally thought that he had to do a few more deals before he could sell the same style of Xiaoqing to customers.Unexpectedly, the first customer who came to the door began to inquire, and it seemed that he still had to buy it, otherwise he would not give up.The big boy s words went through his mind several times before he uttered them, but in Lan Ling s eyes, he became this young man s eloquence.That s great, this is just new in our store New item, look, is it the same style as what Xiaoqing is wearing By the way, do you know Xiaoqing Lan Ling just wanted to say See for yourself came out, and it was for this reason, and the big tiger on the side hurriedly answered, Xiaoqing is that hostess and movie star, and this is what she wore on the Spring Festival Gala.


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