Special holiday episode ‘Christmas With the Chosen’ is seeing remarkable success in the box office (2023)

A special holiday episode of “The Chosen” is succeeding in movie theaters.

Fans of the television series made “Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers” the No. 2 movie at the box office on Wednesday.

The episode, which depicts the birth of Jesus Christ from the perspectives of Mary and Joseph and is intended as a Christmas gift for fans of the TV show, has earned $11.4 million in sales worldwide since opening in movie theaters across the nation on Dec. 1.

“The Messengers” was the fourth highest-earning film in the United States last weekend behind “Encanto,” “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and “House of Gucci,” according to Boxofficemojo.com.

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The impressive response to the holiday special was gratifying for Dallas Jenkins, the creator, writer, director and executive producer of “The Chosen” series.

Special holiday episode ‘Christmas With the Chosen’ is seeing remarkable success in the box office (1)

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“‘The Chosen’was birthed from my biggest career failure when few people showed up in theaters for my previous film,” Jenkins said in a news release. “To sit in a theater full of people clapping and crying for Christmas music with an episode of a TV show about Jesus was an overwhelming experience.”

“Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers,” which also features a lineup of Christian music artists, will be in more than 1,700 theaters until Dec. 16, according to fathomevents.com.

Despite becoming a box-office hit, Jenkins told CBN’s “The PrayerLink” he isn’t focused on the numbers as the true mark of success.

“For me, it’s about impact and seeing what God is doing,” Jenkins told CBN. “God has something to say and I’m just wanting to be a part of it. ... People just seem to be responding to what God is saying and I’m just lucky to be a steward of it.”

The Christmas special was an effort to satisfy fans wanting more content and help bring people back to the movie theaters, Jenkins told the Deseret News before the premiere.

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“It’s the first chance ‘Chosen’ fans have had to gather all over the country, so we intend to make it worth it,” Jenkins said.

“The first question everyone asks me is ‘When is Season 3 coming out?’ They are just desperate for more content. The fact that we’re actually doing a new episode for this Christmas special, I think will send them through the roof and tide them over until Season 3.”

Learn more about “The Chosen” Christmas special atThechosen.tv/Christmas.

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“The Messengers” comes on the heels of a successful Season 2, which was completed last spring with parts filmed in Utah. “The Chosen” series has been viewed more than 200 million times and translated into 50 different languages.

The faith-based streaming show, which portrays the life and times of Jesus Christ, released its first season in 2019 and is one of the highest crowdfunded media projects in history.


How much money did the chosen Christmas special make? ›

It brought in $2.65 million in revenue, which is twice as much as the second-place film - something called House of Gucci - and is also more than that picture and the third-place finisher generated together.

How much has The Chosen made at the box office? ›

The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2 (2022)
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office$14,612,089Details
International Box Office$67,552Details
Worldwide Box Office$14,679,641
Further financial details...

Does the chosen Christmas Special have an episode? ›

The special Christmas episode of The Chosen portrays the birth of Christ from the perspective of Mary and Joseph. The story goes back and forth between their journey to Bethlehem and 10 years after the death of Christ, where an older Mary shares the story with Mary Magdalene.

Where can I watch the chosen Christmas special? ›

Stream The Chosen: Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers Livestream on Angel Studios.

How many tickets have been sold for the Chosen Christmas special? ›

'The Chosen' Christmas special sells 1 million tickets, Fathom record.

What is the highest paid Christmas movie of all time? ›

The gross for The Grinch is $512 million making it top the charts for the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time.

What denomination made The Chosen? ›

What 'The Chosen' creator Dallas Jenkins has said. Dallas Jenkins, the creator, writer, director and executive producer of “The Chosen” series, is an evangelical Christian.

How much does The Chosen get paid per episode? ›

Costing more than $1,120,000 per episode, “The Chosen” is a high-quality telling of the life of Jesus and the people around Him. The award-winning, multi-season series has been viewed more than 60 million times worldwide.

Who is paying for The Chosen? ›

Angel Studios, the streaming platform behind the Christian series “The Chosen”, announced this week it had raised $47 million in funding from venture capitalists. The financing was led by VC firm Gigafund and Bain-backed Uncorrelated Venture. Original seed investors Alta Ventures and Kickstart Fund also participated.

Will there be a chosen Christmas special 2022? ›

Nashville, TN (December 22, 2022)

From the global phenomenon The Chosen, a special Christmas episode is airing on The CW this Friday, December 23 at 8pm ET. “I'm thrilled The CW is airing this Christmas episode, it's a great introduction to The Chosen to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Is the chosen Christmas special only in theaters? ›

The first two episodes will only be in theaters a short time before they hit the show's free streaming platform. The remaining six episodes will launch weekly on the apps in December, Jenkins said.

Is there a DVD for the chosen Christmas special? ›

Product Details:

1 copy of Christmas With The Chosen. English and Spanish subtitles available. Region Free. The Shepherd (Christmas Special)

How long will chosen Christmas special be in Theatres? ›

The Christmas special was planned to have a 10-day run in theaters nationwide starting Dec. 1. However, the showings are now extended until Dec. 21, according to Fathom Events, the special's theater content distributor.

Can I watch the chosen Christmas special online? ›

Right now, the only place to watch Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers is in theaters. The special has a 10-day theatrical run, from December 1-11, and on Monday, December 13. You can find a showing at a movie theater near you here.

Where was Christmas with the Chosen filmed? ›

Jenkins filmed a Christmas special for The Chosen using the Goshen set.

Has any movie sold 1 billion tickets? ›

Titanic earned $1.2 billion from video and DVD sales and rentals, in addition to the $2.2 billion it grossed in theatres.

What is the longest running Christmas TV special? ›

As with A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph no longer airs just once annually but several times during the Christmas and holiday season. It has been telecast every year since 1964, making it the longest continuously running Christmas TV special in the United States.

What is the #1 all time holiday movie? ›

1. It's A Wonderful Life – 1946.

What is the #1 Hallmark Christmas movie? ›

Christmas Under Wraps,” starring Candace Cameron Bure and David O'Donnell, debuted in 2014 and still holds the record for Hallmark's highest-ever broadcast premiere ratings.

Do the actors in A Christmas Story get royalties? ›

"A Christmas Story" actors still receive royalty checks from the hit holiday movie. “You'll shoot your eye out kid!” “A Christmas Story,” the holiday classic flick filled with one-liners, is the gift that keeps on giving for its actors.

What does the Catholic Church say about The Chosen? ›

Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew him. What is this? The Chosen stays faithful to the Gospels and at the same time tells us a story that is in between the lines of scripture.

Does the LDS Church endorse The Chosen? ›

Pastors' note: We are not endorsing or promoting The Chosen, but we aren't discouraging it either. Since many of you are watching it and enjoying it, we are encouraging you to do that with discernment.

Do the Mormons believe Jesus is God? ›

Like most Christians, Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Creator of the World.

How much does it cost to be an extra on The Chosen? ›

Fans shouldn't expect to spend time with the show's Jesus for free, however. Being a part of the extras crowd will cost $999.99 or more. “The Chosen” became the world's largest crowdfunded media project when it raised $11 million for its first season.

Is VidAngel a Mormon company? ›

Then of course, VidAngel's owned by 8,000 Americans of all different faiths. But the two founders, we are faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Who owns The Chosen? ›

The Chosen (TV series)
The Chosen
Created byDallas Jenkins
Based onThe life of Jesus
Written byTyler Thompson Dallas Jenkins Ryan Swanson
Directed byDallas Jenkins
19 more rows

Is The Chosen religious? ›

The streaming phenomenon, produced just outside of Dallas, is winning converts with its Friday Night Lights spin on faith.

Is The Chosen season 3 funded? ›

Season 3 is fully funded, and now we begin “pre-production” in January, hoping to film in the Spring. Thanks for helping us create future seasons and episodes and make the show free for those who can't afford it,” the series wrote on Twitter.

Is The Chosen a nonprofit organization? ›

Is this an official non-profit organization? We are a Texas based non-profit, 501c3 corporation. 2.

Does the cast of the Christmas story still get paid? ›

"A Christmas Story" actors still receive royalty checks from the hit holiday movie. “You'll shoot your eye out kid!” “A Christmas Story,” the holiday classic flick filled with one-liners, is the gift that keeps on giving for its actors.

What is the average budget for a Hallmark Christmas movie? ›

Forbes estimated last year that the average Hallmark movie costs $2 million, and can be finished filming in two weeks.

Did A Christmas Story make money? ›

Gross earnings were just over $19.2 million. In the years since, due to television airings and home video release, A Christmas Story has become widely popular and is now an annual Christmas special. The film was produced and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).


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