Two actors from Netflix show The Chosen One die in Mexico crash (2023)

A traffic crash in Mexico last week killed two actors from an upcoming original series by Netflix and injured six other people, according to officials and media reports.

(Video) Two actors from Netflix's The Chosen Ones die in a car accident in Mexico after a van flips over..

The killed actors, Raymundo Garduno and Juan Francisco Aguilar, were in a van that accidentally flipped Thursday in a patch of desert near the community of Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula. Other cast and crew members were hurt during the wreck, which reportedly occurred offset but during filming of the show The Chosen One.

Friends of Aguilar – who performed under the name “Paco Mufote” – told media outlets that he had previously complained about poor transportation and logistics by those involved in running the show, and they called for an investigation.

(Video) Two actors from Netflix show The Chosen One die in Mexico crash

“Paco touched the hearts of everyone he ever met – he was a great actor with a strong trajectory,” Liliana Conlisk Gallegos said to the Daily Beast. “He loved acting and playing music more than anything in the world and he dedicated himself to it, many times suffering economic hardship. He sacrificed for his love of acting.

“It fills me with rage that there are reports of abuse and exploitation being shared by people involved with the production. I would like to demand that this is further investigated. If nothing wrong was going on, then there shouldn’t be an issue with providing the information.”

(Video) 2 Actors From Netflix’s ‘The Chosen One’ Are Dead After Cast and Crew Van Crashes in Mexico😭🕊️💔

Writer Faisal Lutchmedial, who said he worked with Mufote previously, added in a tweet that he was “absolutely devastated” and “furious” to hear allegations of “bad safety measures” on set.

Netflix hasn’t commented on the fatal crash, and more details about what exactly caused the van to flip haven’t been made available. The Chosen One is being filmed by an independent production company.

(Video) Two Actors Die While Working On Netflix Series In Mexico

The Chosen One is about a 12-year-old boy who realizes he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ and is tasked with saving humanity. It is reportedly unrelated to a Portuguese series of the same name.


Who died in car crash from the chosen? ›

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic accident that took the lives of Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González,” Netflix said in a statement to Deadline.

Which actors were killed from the Chosen? ›

The killed actors, Raymundo Garduno and Juan Francisco Aguilar, were in a van that accidentally flipped Thursday in a patch of desert near the community of Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

What Netflix actors were killed in Mexico? ›

Actors Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar were killed and six other cast and crew members were injured after the van they were riding in crashed in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula last Thursday.

Did someone from the chosen die? ›

The Baja California Department of Culture identified Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar as the two men who died, the Associated Press reports. The Chosen One is based on a comic book series by Mark Millar and Peter Gross titled American Jesus.

Who died in 2022 that was famous? ›

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, Sidney Poitier, Bill Russell, Loretta Lynn, Jiang Zemin, Benedict XVI, Madeleine Albright, Jean-Luc Godard, Shinzo Abe, Pelé, Barbara Walters, Régine, Ivana Trump and many others who died in 2022.

Who is Raymundo Garduño Cruz? ›

Raymundo Garduño Cruz was an actor, director, producer and baseball fanatic who often placed bets on games between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Was there an accident on the chosen? ›

The accident occurred in transit from Santa Rosalía to the local airport, Netflix said. The accident was not on set, the company said, adding that those who were injured — two cast members and four crew members — were in stable condition.

What happened on the set of the chosen? ›

Production has shut down on the Netflix series “The Chosen One” after two actors were killed and six others were injured in a car crash near the city of Mulegé in Baja California.

How many actors played Big James in the chosen? ›

The role of Big James, originally played by Shayan Sobhian, was later recast to Kian Kavousi.

What Netflix stars were killed in a car crash? ›

The Baja California Department of Culture said Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar were killed. Six others were injured.

What actress was killed by her boyfriend? ›

Dominique Dunne
Dunne in February 1982
BornDominique Ellen DunneNovember 23, 1959 Santa Monica, California, U.S.
DiedNovember 4, 1982 (aged 22) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Cause of deathHomicide by strangulation
7 more rows

Is there a serial killer in Mexico? ›

Fernando Hernández Leyva (born 1964) is a Mexican serial killer. He was convicted in 1986 of 33 counts of murder committed in 5 different states of the Mexican union, but he confessed to killing around 100.
Fernando Hernández Leyva
Criminal penalty60 years imprisonment
Span of crimes1982–1999
7 more rows

What happens when an actor dies while filming? ›

In many cases, a show will handle the death of an actor by killing off their character or otherwise writing them out of the show. In other cases, the show may recast the part with another actor. In extreme cases, the show may be cancelled outright.

Is chosen a true story? ›

Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of a young lawyer (Mably) who fights back against the Nazis and, with the help of Judith (Ularu), embarks on a mission to save thousands. Keitel plays the lawyer in present day. Shooting took place in Bucharest, Romania and New York.

Did The Chosen make money? ›

The Chosen – the multi-episode television drama based on the life of Jesus – has become the highest-grossing event in Fathom Events' history, with $14.4 million at the domestic box office.

Who died in september 2022? ›

John Dapcevich, 95, American politician, mayor of Sitka, Alaska (1971–1975, 1979–1985, 1987–1989). Barbara Ehrenreich, 81, American author (Nickel and Dimed, Bait and Switch, Dancing in the Streets) and political activist, stroke. John Gamble, 74, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers).

What celebrities died in july 2022? ›

James Caan, 82, American actor (The Godfather, Thief, Misery), heart attack. Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 87, French dancer and professor. Tony Comber, 95, English clergyman, archdeacon of Leeds (1982–1992). Lynn Dean, 98, American politician, member of the Louisiana State Senate (1996–2004).

Who has died famous this year? ›

Celebrity Deaths 2023
  • CJ Harris. Jan 27, 1991 - Jan 14, 2023. Age 31.
  • Lisa Marie Presley. Jan 31, 1968 - Jan 11, 2023. Age 54.
  • Jeff Beck. Jun 23, 1944 - Jan 09, 2023. Age 78.
  • Adam Rich. Oct 11, 1968 - Jan 06, 2023. Age 54.
  • Ken Block. Nov 20, 1967 - Jan 01, 2023. Age 55.
  • Lola Chantrelle Mitchell. Aug 06, 1979 - Dec 31, 2022. Age 43.

Who is Juan Francisco Aguilar? ›

Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar and Raymundo Garduno Cruz were both Mexican actors. Aguilar was reportedly recognized by his professional name Paco Mufote and is known for his roles in shows like El Porvenir and People from Another Planet.

Was The Chosen One Cancelled? ›

Update: Production Suspended On Netflix Series 'The Chosen One' After Two Actors Die, Six Injured In Auto Accident Involving Cast & Crew.

How much did it cost to film The Chosen? ›

The Angel Studios show, focusing on the life and times of Jesus Christ, started off as a crowdfunded endeavour three years ago, now it's competing against the big boys at the box-office and embarrassing the big Hollywood titles. The budget for these two episodes is said to be around $2 million.

Where was The Chosen filmed at? ›

“The Chosen” TV series held a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for their new film campus in Midlothian, Texas. Copyright 2022 KLTV.

What religion is behind The Chosen? ›

The streaming phenomenon, produced just outside of Dallas, is winning converts with its Friday Night Lights spin on faith.

What church is behind the series The Chosen? ›

“The Chosen” is distributed by partner Angel Studios, a streaming video company that was co-founded by brothers Neal and Jeffrey Harmon, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Angel Studios raised millions through crowdfunding to fund the multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ.

Is The Chosen One about Jesus? ›

The Chosen is based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ.

What religion is the actor who plays Jesus in The Chosen? ›

Jonathan Roumie is a devout Catholic actor best known for his role playing Jesus in the hit series “The Chosen.” The 48-year-old's popularity has spread like wildfire as the show has more than 450 million views worldwide.

Are James and John related to Jesus? ›

John the Apostle was the son of Zebedee and the younger brother of James the Great. According to church tradition, their mother was Salome. Also according to some traditions, Salome was the sister of Mary, Jesus' mother, making Salome Jesus' aunt, and her sons John the Apostle and James were Jesus' cousins.

Is The Chosen done by the LDS Church? ›

Jenkins and his team recently denied rumors on social media that 'The Chosen' is produced by the church. There are some Latter-day Saint connections. “The Chosen” is distributed by partner Angel Studios, a streaming video company that was co-founded by brothers Neal and Jeffrey Harmon, who are Latter-day Saints.

Who was the actor that got crushed by his car? ›

Anton Yelchin

Which famous actress died in a car crash? ›

Anne Heche arrives at the 74th annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Saturday, March 12, 2022, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Emmy Award-winning actress died following a car crash on Aug. 5 that left her in a coma.

What actor got into a car accident? ›

Hollywood actor James Dean was killed at age 24 in an auto accident on September 30, 1955, near Cholame, California.
Death of James Dean.
DateSeptember 30, 1955
DeathsJames Dean
Non-fatal injuriesRolf Wütherich Donald Turnupseed
2 more rows

What famous singer was killed by a fan? ›

On 31 March 1995, at the age of 23, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a rising Latino superstar, was murdered by her fan club manager in a Corpus Christi motel in Texas.

What was the most tragic celebrity death? ›

16 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths And How People Reacted
  • Chadwick Boseman. Died: Aug. 28, 2020. ...
  • Robin Williams. Died: Aug. 11, 2014. ...
  • Alan Rickman. Died: Jan. 14, 2016. ...
  • Grant Imahara. Died: July 13, 2020. ...
  • Anton Yelchin. Died: June 19, 2016. ...
  • Heath Ledger. Died: Jan. ...
  • Phil Hartman. Died: May 28, 1998. ...
  • Brittany Murphy. Died: Dec.
Dec 18, 2022

What actress choked to death? ›

Dominique Dunne, Actress, Dies After Being Choked - The New York Times.

Who is the number 1 serial killer in the world? ›

The most prolific modern serial killer is arguably Dr. Harold Shipman, with 218 probable murders and possibly as many as 250 (see "Medical professionals", below).

Who is the oldest serial killer in history? ›

Even if there had been nothing else unusual about the Breton nobleman Gilles de Rais (1404–40), his outstanding career as a soldier in the Hundred Years' War and as a comrade in arms of Joan of Arc would have been enough to guarantee his place in history.

What city is known for serial killers? ›

Serial Killers in the United States

Washington DC has the highest rate of serial killings, with 25 victims per 100,000 residents. Alaska has the second-highest rate at 7 per 100,000; Louisiana comes in third with 6.5 serial killings per 100,000.

Do actors go home after filming? ›

Actors who are filming on location can be away for days, weeks, or months at a time, meaning they need a temporary place to call home.

Do actors get paid during filming? ›

Actors start out at a day rate, and if they are needed for longer, the payment scheme is bumped up to a weekly rate, and then to a run-of-the-picture rate. For example, on a film with a budget of at least $2 million, under the SAG-AFTRA theatrical contract, the minimum day rate is currently $1,056 per day.

Is The Chosen a Catholic based series? ›

The series was conceived within an explicitly Christian framework with an approach that is intended to be ecumenical. Writer and director Dallas Jenkins is an Evangelical, but the actor who plays Jesus, Jonathan Roumie, is a Catholic.

What book of the Bible is The Chosen based on? ›

The Chosen - Based on Luke 5.

Why is it called The Chosen? ›

The novel's title refers to the idea that the Jews are God's chosen people and therefore hold special privileges and responsibilities. Both Danny and Reuven fulfill their duty by studying Jewish liturgy, and they derive great pleasure from Jewish traditions.

Who is paying for The Chosen? ›

Angel Studios, the streaming platform behind the Christian series “The Chosen”, announced this week it had raised $47 million in funding from venture capitalists. The financing was led by VC firm Gigafund and Bain-backed Uncorrelated Venture. Original seed investors Alta Ventures and Kickstart Fund also participated.

Who is the owner of The Chosen? ›

He is best known as the creator, director and co-writer of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and the most successful media crowd-fund of all time.
Dallas Jenkins
Notable workThe Chosen The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
SpouseAmanda Jenkins (1998–present)
6 more rows

How much did investors make from The Chosen? ›

In November 2019, season one was released, fully funded by more than 16,000 people who contributed $11,000,000 in record time, making The Chosen the largest crowdfunded media project in history.

Was there an accident on the set of the chosen? ›

Two cast members of the Netflix show “The Chosen One” died after an accident on Thursday in Baja California Sur, Mexico, that left six other cast and crew members injured, Netflix said. The accident occurred in transit from Santa Rosalía to the local airport, Netflix said.

Who died in a Spyder car? ›

James Dean loved racing cars, and in fact he and his brand-new, $7000 Porsche Spyder convertible were on their way to a race in Salinas, 90 miles south of San Francisco.

What religion put out The Chosen? ›

“As I've said, many, many times, the content of the show has zero influence or input from any formal faith tradition or church. None.” However, Latter-day Saints are involved with the show. “The Chosen” is distributed by Angel Studios, which was co-founded by Latter-day Saint brothers Neal and Jeffrey Harmon.

Is The Chosen true to the Bible? ›

Although The Chosen draws directly from the New Testament, it's become a global phenomenon largely because it doesn't treat the Gospels as, uh, gospel. Its creator, Dallas Jenkins, a recent Texas transplant, developed the series in 2018 with the hope of turning Bible stories into something truly binge-worthy.

Who are the people behind The Chosen? ›

Primarily set in Judaea and Galilee in 1st century, the series centers on Jesus and the different people who met and followed him. The series stars Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, alongside Shahar Isaac, Elizabeth Tabish, Paras Patel, Noah James, and George H. Xanthis.

How much money did The Chosen make? ›

The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2 (2022)
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office$14,612,089Details
International Box Office$67,552Details
Worldwide Box Office$14,679,641
Further financial details...

How does The Chosen end? ›

In The Chosen, Reb Saunders chooses to free Danny on the first day of Passover. By freeing Danny, he also frees himself, Reuven, and David.

Did James Dean's passenger survive? ›

On September 30, 1955, actor James Dean was killed in a two-vehicle accident near Paso Robles, CA. Dean was killed, but his passenger and the driver of the other vehicle survived. The police reported that speed contributed to the cause to the accident and that Dean was traveling over 65 mph at the time of the impact.

Is the Spyder a car or motorcycle? ›

Is it a motorcycle? Yes and no, though some motorcycle purists might shake their heads at a Can-Am Spyder. But based on the definition by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) it is, in fact, a motorcycle, just with three wheels.

Why is a car called a Spyder? ›

While many other open-air carriages sported permanent side windows, the spider offered a true open-air experience. Some speculate that the carriage, with its small body, large wooden wheels, and thin spokes resembled a spider, and the name just stuck.


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